• 65 things to do on a self care day
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    65 Things To Do On A Self-Care Day

    There are many ways we can incorporate self-care into our lives. Mental health experts talk about the five dimensions of self-care; physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Below I have given examples of the different activities you can do to reduce stress and live a happier life.     Physical This pertains to the physical aspect of our health so our exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation.  Go for a walk Stretch Go on a hike For for a swim Go to a workout class Get a manicure/pedicure Get a massage Sing like no one’s listening Dance like no one’s watching Eat healthy food Retail therapy (within reason) Take a long warm…

  • How To: Plan A Self-Care Day 6
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    How To: Plan A Self-Care Day

    It has only been 4 weeks since we started back to school and self-care has never been more needed! There are so many students that need help but only so many hours in a day. It can get really overwhelming. As a social worker, I am BIG on self-care. So, after having a little mental breakdown last week, I decided that I need to actually plan my self-care time. Otherwise, I won’t make it a priority and my mental health will suffer.     What is self-care?   Self-care is an action you do to take care of your physical, spiritual, and mental health. It is key to an improved…

  • Back To School Tax Free Weekend 9

    Back To School Tax Free Weekend

    It’s almost time to go back to school! It’s been crazy around here with all the people that are out and about trying to get their kids ready to go back to school! I’m not even planning to leave my house this weekend, with tax free weekend being this weekend here in Tennessee. We wanted to share all the items that are included within Tax Free Weekend and when Tax Free Weekend is for your state! What is included in Tax-Free Weekend? Clothing (Exempt if $100 or less per item) Aerobic Clothing Antique Clothing (For wear) Aprons/Clothing shields Athletic socks Bandanas Bathing suits Belts Blouses Boots, general purpose (Winter, dress,…

  • The Ultimate Travel Guide: Grand Haven, Michigan 12
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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Grand Haven, Michigan

    Every summer, since before I was born, my mom and family have been coming to Grand Haven to enjoy the amazing town and perfect camping conditions. My mom and her siblings loved it so much here that when they retired, they all moved here. Now, since I have the summers off and don’t want to deal with the humidity in Nashville, I come here and visit all my family and friends I left behind when I moved. Over the years, this little town has grown so much but at its core, it is still the same small town that our family fell in love with so many years ago. What…

  • July Goals 18

    July Goals

    July is upon us! Independence day parties will commence and the end of summer will be here before you know it (although I don’t like to think about that at all). Chelsey and I have one more month until another school year begins. I plan to make the most of the end of my summer. I felt like last month I was able to accomplish most of my goals (I definitely relaxed) so I look forward to another month of progress.     Work on our Instagram account   Posting to Instagram was really difficult the past few months. With the end of the school year and traveling to see…

  • How To: Plan the Best Road Trip 19
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    How To: Plan the Best Road Trip

    Ahhhhh, Summer… the time for windows down, hair up, music blasting, lots of laughing, and getting lost on road trips. Road Trips are the greatest. You have your friends with you and you have the ability to just be in the moments. So…how do you plan your road trips? I have a few tips and tricks to help you make your next road trip your best road trip!     Choose Your Destination   You can go anywhere. Pick your timeframe and then search for destinations that can get you there and back within that timeframe and then stick your heads together and choose your ultimate destination. Once you have…

  • Independence Day Events In And Around Nashville 24
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    Independence Day Events In And Around Nashville

    Next week is Independence Day! Yay!! This is the day we celebrate our independence from Great Britain. This holiday is one of my favorite summer holidays. You have good food, great booze, awesome fireworks, and fantastic outfits. What’s not to love? Today we are going to give you some awesome Independence Day events in and around Nashville! Let Freedom Sing: The Nashville Fireworks Show Main Stage: 5th Avenue and Broadway Fireworks Show: Cumberland Riverfront Cost: Free This is an amazing show and it’s completely free! They just announced this year’s lineup and A DJ will entertain from noon until 4:00 pm followed by live performances by Lady Antebellum, Chris Janson,…

  • National Martini Day 26

    National Martini Day

    Happy National Martini Day everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays. 😉 Any excuse to have a cocktail is a good holiday in my opinion! I am visiting family in Grand Haven, Michigan and there is a restaurant called the Theater Bar that serves the most amazing martinis in town. It is a small bar area wedged between Dee-Lite and The Grand. With live music 7 days a week, you want to make sure you get there early for a good spot! If martinis are not your thing, they have many other drink options for you as you enjoy your surroundings. My mom and I recently visited this town…

  • CMA Fest
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    The Ultimate CMA Fest Survival Guide

    CMA Fest is almost upon us, and there’s nothing quite like it. It hosts 11 stages in downtown Nashville featuring 350+ artists, 1,100 musicians and 167 hours of music! All daytime outdoor stages are FREE to the public! CMA Fest is just as awesome as you think it’s going to be, but just like with any other music festival there are definitely some survival tips to follow. Here are some essentials that will help you in surviving the Fest in one piece. CMA Fest Essentials Sunscreen Sunglasses Camera (if you’re not just wanting to use your phone) Portable Charger (don’t forget your charging cables) Cash Advil or Tylenol Bandaids Extra…