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    Drive-In Theaters: How Many Are Left? Should They Make a Comeback?

    There are not enough drive-in movie theaters anymore. We are lucky in Tennessee because we have 13 open locations, but I feel like they are a dying breed. There are only 321 drive-in movie theaters left in the U.S. today. Getting to experience a drive-in movie is an awesome thing. It’s relaxing, it’s great for the kids, and you don’t have to worry about proximity to your neighbors because you’re in your own car. The History The history of drive in movie theaters is actually very fascinating! On June 6, 1933 Richard Hollingshead (an auto-parts salesman) opened the first theater in Camden, N.J. People paid 25 cents per car as…

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    Stardust Drive-In

    Living in Tennessee definitely has its perks, but one of my all time favorites is The Stardust Drive-In. With only 321 drive-ins left in the US, we are extremely lucky to have a one to call our own. During the “Drive-in Season” we frequent Stardust a lot! Although we have moviepasses which allow us to see unlimited amounts of movies per month (with some stipulations), I don’t mind paying to visit Stardust. It’s a local business, you get to see 2 movies, the concessions are super cheap, and the owner and staff are always extremely nice and welcoming. Stardust Drive-In is located in Watertown, which is about 45 minutes outside…