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    How To: Personalize a Fitness Routine So It Doesn’t Feel Like a Chore

    It takes 21 days to make a habit. Just 3 little weeks. Then why does it seem that fitness goals never make it that far? I think it’s because it feels like a chore. Especially in this awful heat here in Tennessee. Something that we have to do, like laundry or the dishes. I think the key to sticking to a workout plan is tailoring it to yourself. Sit down and make an individualized plan that is unique to you. If you don’t then you are just sticking yourself with what worked for someone else. Ignore all the ads and buzz on Pinterest and Facebook. Here are my tips to…

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    Best Apps for a Healthier You

    Getting healthier can seem a bit daunting. Maybe you don’t know where to start, it’s been a while, or you just have a lot of options and need help sorting through all the craziness. It can be a lot sorting through the app store,  wondering which apps are going to work for you, and which ones are best left to the fitness fanatics!  We get the same way from time to time, so Courtney and I have compiled a list of our favorite healthy lifestyle apps. Healthy Eating Eating healthy can feel hectic at times. For me, I can usually eat healthy but remembering to keep up with my calorie…