THE Ultimate Guide to Navigate the Impending Streaming Wars 1

THE Ultimate Guide to Navigate the Impending Streaming Wars

Have you sat down recently and added up what you’re actually paying for all your services? Between live TV streaming options from cutting your cable off, and just plain old streaming services the average person is spending $50-$100 a month on streaming services alone. That’s not including the TV networks that are getting in on the streaming game and pulling all their content from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 


Live TV Streaming Options


More and more people are cutting their cable off and turning towards streaming Live TV. This used to be a cost cutting measure and now it’s right up there with cable as far as cost is concerned. Hulu alone has gone up $15 in the last year with no new networks or content to speak of. Plus it crashes a lot for being one of the biggest live tv competitors out there.




Hulu is the easiest Live TV platform to navigate. It has the most channels and the most original content. However, Hulu has gone up $15 in the last year with no new networks or content to speak of.


Plus it crashes a lot for being one of the biggest live tv competitors out there and you only get two simultaneous screens unless you pay for the unlimited screens. I think we pay $76 plus tax/ month for hulu live TV with commercials and unlimited screens.


Base Price for Live TV: $54.99+tax

No Commercials Live TV: $64.99+tax

Unlimited Screens: $9.99

Unlimited DVR: $9.99

Unlimited Bundle: $14.98




I’ve been considering trying out Sling TV for a while now, but haven’t pulled the trigger because you get 2/3/4 simultaneous screens depending on what package you get. Plus any add-ons that you would want like Cloud DVR. 


Sling Orange: $25+tax

Sling Blue: $35+tax

Sling Orange+Blue: $45+tax

DVR Add-on: $5




FUBO TV is a little confusing to navigate. There are three plans and the most expensive one doesn’t come with a free trial. You get 500 hours of DVR space included with the price, but only three simultaneous screens.

The lowest package comes with 103 channels (it doesn’t tell you which channels) and access to +130 events in 4K. The second package comes with 169 channels (again..doesn’t tell you what channels) and access to +130 events in 4K. 


FUBO Family: $50

FUBO Ultra: $75

FUBO International: $20





Youtube TV seems to be the closest in comparison to HULU TV. It’s $49.99 and has all the same channels as HULU, but it only allows 2 simultaneous screens. I would switch to Youtube TV in a heartbeat if they allowed more than 2 screens streaming at the same time.


Streaming Services


There. Are. TONS. Granted you won’t need them all (if you did..I feel so bad for your wallet. We added it up and it would be over $250 for everything on the list below), but if you’ve cut cable then I’m guessing you’ll have at least 5-10 of these by the time everything is said and done.





Netflix is a constant go to for pretty much everyone. Their original content is great, but they can’t seem to get it together as far as keeping content and keeping their prices steady. Netflix is currently anywhere from $9-$16 depending on how many simultaneous screens you need. Netflix is more than likely on everyones to keep list no matter how high the prices get unfortunately.

Amazon Prime



Amazon Prime is my favorite streaming service. Not only do you get free 2 day shipping on most of their products online, but you also get access to their Amazon Prime Videos. This includes hundreds of tv shows and movies. Not to mention their Amazon Originals which are always bomb.


Prime is currently $12.99 a month plus tax, but if you split it down the middle and account $6 for the Prime shipping aspect and the $6 for the Prime Video aspect then it makes it the cheapest video streaming service out there.


Amazon Prime Video also has Prime Channels where you can buy pretty much any streaming service under Amazon and it’ll all be under your Amazon Channels in Prime Video. This is what I do for the majority of my streaming channels so I have them all in one place and billed by amazon every month. 




Ahh…Disney+…all my favorites out of the vault and at my fingertips at any time I want them for only $6.99/month. This was probably the greatest thing Disney has done in a very long time. Especially with them uploading content as much as their doing. Now the only caveat is that they’re throttling some of the big names release dates so that they keep people coming back year to year but honestly? I’m already sold for life.


You don’t have to bait me to stay by withholding content from year to year. It’s not like I’m going to watch all this content once and say ok that was nice but I’m done now.. Nope..I’m going to watch my favorites over and over again for as long as their on the site.




I love HBO NOW and all the content they have. First it was for GoT and now I’m really into The Watchmen and His Dark Materials. The one thing HBO knows how to do is make a good show. Now they’ve introduced HBO MAX coming around this May and they’ll have every season of Friends and The Big Bang Theory (which you won’t find anywhere else short of buying it).


If you already subscribe to HBO NOW for $15 a month then you’ll get MAX when it debuts in May. If you don’t have HBO NOW prior to MAX’s release then you’ll get MAX at the same price point as NOW.




I love the movies on STARZ as well as their original shows. I love The Girlfriend Experience and Courtney is in love with Outlander (I love Outlander too, I just haven’t gotten to watch it and will likely wait until it’s all out and ready to stream). Starz is $10 a month plus tax. 




I’m not the biggest fan of Showtime. Especially where the price point is for what you get. It’s $10 a month plus tax and there are only a handful of shows and movies on their platform. If there’s a show you can’t live without then maybe it’s worth it but more than likely it would be more cost efficient to buy all the seasons on DVD.

Sundance Now



The only reason I’m considering Sundance Now is their new documentary No One Saw a Thing and they have a Discovery of Witches. However, Shudder has A Discovery of Witches too plus all the scary movies I can sink my teeth into for $6 a month plus tax.





Cinemax isn’t very appealing to me. The movies they keep are pretty outdated and nothing that I would normally watch anyways. This is a streaming service that you could probably skip and be just fine. However, if you’re a fan of their shows then it’ll run you $10/month +tax.




IMDB TV is completely free. All you have to sacrifice is watching commercials in your content. Which honestly isn’t bad. They have maybe two commercial breaks for every episode of the shows they have on their roster and maybe 3 to 4 commercials in the movies depending on the run time of the movie. They’ve added older TV shows like Fringe and Chicago Fire (which you can’t find anywhere outside of paying $30 per season to own it).


I don’t foresee a lot of people needing MTV, but to each their own. It’ll run you $7+tax to binge Jersey Shore to your heart’s content.





Noggin is a must in my house with two little ones. It’s $8 a month but it has a lot of the kids shows that I approve my nieces watching. Their content library is massive and ever growing. 




Nick Hits is probably a leave it streaming service especially now that Nickelodeon has partnered with Netflix to bring most of their content there.





Boomerang is where I get my old school cartoons when I’m seriously needing a Tom and Jerry fix lol. 




BET+ is probably a good streaming service to have since BET has become very exclusive about who they let have access to their channel as far as cable companies go. You can stream all of their shows and movies plus you get episodes right after they air.





I subscribe to CBS All Access with commercials and honestly I don’t really use it anymore. Don’t get me wrong. They have full series of a bunch of shows that are great , however, they took all of Criminal Minds off and the 13th and 14th seasons are nowhere to be found unless you want to pay $40 per season and I’m not about that life.



No Set Price Yet


NBC has taken the Office off of Netflix in preparation of launching their own streaming platform. I think it’ll be a great platform to have once it’s fully up and running. You’re going to more than likely have every show that NBC has ever put out. Maybe not at first but eventually. 


Broadway HD



Broadway HD has a lot of the Broadway shows you know and love on their platform. I don’t personally subscribe because they’re still fairly new and are still growing their platform. If they start adding bigger names to their roster then I’m sold!




Shudder is an absolute must if you love scary movies and shows. They have everything you could think of to watch. They also carry shows like A Discovery of Witches and a few other shows that you can only find on Shudder.





PBS has gotten greedy. They have broken down their streaming platforms into 4 different streaming channels and if you want them all it’ll run you $25ish every month. I mean, I love my PBS content just as much as the next person, but sheesh. 


You have PBS which is $5+tax

You have PBS KIDS which is $5+tax

You have PBS LIVING which is $3+tax

You have PBS Masterpiece which is $6+tax


Hallmark Movies Now



Some of Hallmark’s content goes straight to Netflix or Amazon Prime, but if you’re wanting some of their older shows or if you love their movies then the Hallmark Movies Now is the best subscription to have. 





I’ve subscribed to Britbox before and it’s ok. It’s still a baby streaming service, but I have no doubt that it’ll be a great one to stream all your favorite British shows. 

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