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How To Make Self Care a Part of Your New Years Resolutions

I know..I know…every year starts off the same right? New you..then more than likely you’ll settle into a new routine for a few months but it never seems to stick. I’ve been there and done that…a lot. You want to be the best version of yourself and you hit the ground running with all your resolutions and the excitement to change. Then around 2 or 3 months later, you’re burned out and don’t want to do anything anymore.

Have you ever thought about why that is?

It’s because you don’t include things you love doing. You just look up the best-looking regimen for whatever your resolution is and you take off with it. Incorporate things you love doing. Things didn’t become this way overnight and you’re not going to magically become a new person that way either. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort and consistency. 


Look at it this way…

If your goal is to lose weight, make sure you’re doing activities that bring you joy like swimming or kickboxing or even just walking with friends. If you can incorporate what you like to do then it won’t feel like a chore that you’ve had to obligatorily tack on to your life. When it’s something you love doing then it doesn’t even feel like work.


If your goal is better mental health, it takes time too. You can’t magically expect to be happy go lucky all the time overnight. It doesn’t work that way. Being happy takes work. It takes effort. It takes patience. You’re not going to be happy all the time. Life doesn’t work that way. Find a few things that make you smile and keep them around. Make your own happiness.


All of this being said, no matter what your goal is, you need to make self-care a priority this year. Living in the United States, we’re expected to work hellish hours every week and bring our work home on top of that. It’s bad enough to work so much, but then you add on everyday stressors like, anxiety over the future, money worries, making sure you’re spending enough time with friends and loved ones, it can really add to all the stress in your life. Then all too soon you’re burned out with nowhere to turn. 

How to Get Started on Your Self Care Resolutions


You can check out our full blog post about getting yourself started on a self-care routine here, but here are some quick steps to get you started off in the right direction.


Make Self Care Short and Long Term Resolutions

Setting this type of goal might be silly but it can be as simple as “I want to be happier in two months time” or “At the end of the year I really want to know who I am as a person” It doesn’t have to be something super remarkable, it just needs to be something that motivates you to do some self care.


Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’re terrible at holding yourself to things, then have a friend hold you accountable for making sure you have enough time for your self-care routine!


Take Advantage of Your Free Time

Even if you only have 10 minutes of your day that isn’t scheduled, take advantage of it! Self-care doesn’t have to be this elaborate thing that you have to set aside an hour of your day just to have!


Get a Good Night’s Sleep

I know this seems like a silly part of a self-care routine, but if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep then your entire system can fall out of whack.


Be Flexible

Don’t beat yourself up if your schedule gets thrown out the window. We just want you to be able to carve out a little bit of self care time just for yourself every day. 

How To Make Self Care a Part of Your New Years Resolutions 2


Get Some Self Care Apps to Help Your Resolutions Stick

Having reminders on your phone that may also have some self care activities that you can count towards your self-care goal for the month can be super helpful in keeping your resolutions on track. Check out our post here for the apps full descriptions.


Most of the content on this app does require a subscription, but they do have free videos every day that you can listen to. My favorite are the ones to go to sleep to!

Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is an all-in-one, self-care pocket companion. It gently brings awareness to self-care activities, using encouraging push notifications, rather than guilt or shame. This app is the greatest. There are no unwanted notifications on your phone. It’s just there when you need it!


A 16-year-old developed this app and it has games and exercises on it that can help you through a panic attack. This comes in super handy when you’re in the middle of a panic attack and can’t access any of your normal resources.


I absolutely love headspace. Headspace is an app that helps you learn how to meditate. The best thing is that the lessons are only 10 minutes a day! 

Sleep Cycle

I use sleep cycle on the daily! You just place your phone on your nightstand or face down on the edge of your bed and it tracks your sleeping cycles. 


How To Make Self Care a Part of Your New Years Resolutions 3

Self Care Activities You Can do Pretty Much Anywhere

These activities are all something you can do when you only have about 10 minutes to dedicate to your resolutions for the day. You can check out our full list here.



A lesson on the Headspace app is 10 minutes long and I always feel better after each lesson! Meditating is always a good idea. It’s super calming and helps you clear your mind.


Write Down What You’re Grateful For

We always need reminding of the things that we’re grateful for. I like to (mentally) do this all the tim, but having a physical copy of these things makes it to where I can go back and look at my lists whenever I need reminding!



Writing down what you’re feeling (even if it doesn’t make sense) can really help you in getting your self care in for the day. Start by writing down your concerns and fears, and what’s been happening in your life right now.



Stretching is a good way to loosen your muscles and keep you from holding stress in your body. Start Stretching is an app that helps you learn how to stretch even when you don’t know where to begin. Stretching can help you out if you sit at a desk all day or even if you’re stressed out and need a release!

How To Make Self Care a Part of Your New Years Resolutions 4

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