top 9 things to do in okc

Top 9 Things To Do in Oklahoma City

Part of my family lives in Oklahoma and we get to visit them a lot. Some of our favorite things to do when we’re out there is to go to Oklahoma City! They have a ton of things to do for everyone and there’s never a dull moment.

top 9 things to do in OKC



Bricktown is Oklahoma City’s entertainment district featuring Chelino’s, Sonic’s headquarters, water taxis to get around, a movie theater and so much more! Not to far out from Bricktown, you can walk around the statues depicting the Land Run of 1889. Kids are allowed to run and play on the statues (as long as it’s not too hot) 


Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum


This is an absolute must. Just make sure to bring all the tissues. This museum takes you on the journey into the day of the victims, survivors, and first responders that all went through the travesty that was the Bombing of the Murrah building on April 19, 1995.


Tickets can be bought here.


Visit a Braum’s


Visiting a Braum’s while you’re in Oklahoma City is a must. Their ice cream is divine and the food is delicious. They have a small grocery store attached for any other needs you may have. My needs are always to get some of their ice cream and cones to take back home with me!


National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum


Even if you’re not a country western fan, this place is a lot of fun. It has more than 28,000 Western and American Indian artworks and artifacts. The facility also has the world’s most extensive collection of American rodeo photographs, barbed wire, saddlery, and early rodeo trophies. You can even make your own jewelry in the gift shop as you leave!


Botanical Gardens

This bad boy sits on 17 acres of botanical bliss that surround a sunken lake. They have a dog park, an interactive urban park, horticultural classes,  and a tropical conservatory. They also hold pretty awesome events on the grounds every month. It’s every plant lovers dream! It’s also a lot of fun for families and even for a pretty cool date location!


Oklahoma City Zoo


This is one of my favorite zoos to visit. Most of the birds are allowed to roam free around the park, so it’s likely that you’ll run across a peacock or two just roaming about. It’s about 4 miles to do the whole thing, but it’s so inexpensive!! It’s $29 admission for the adults zoo it all package and that includes tickets to every attraction that’s located in the zoo. They have a splash pad for the kids to cool down in, and they also have stingray bay and parakeet feedings! The whole zoo is laid out really well and you get to actually enjoy your zoo day instead of having to constantly check your maps! 


Tickets can be bought here.


Science Museum


The Science Museum is right next door to the Oklahoma City Zoo! So just keep that in mind when you’re planning your day. This science museum is one of the best that I’ve been to. It’s a lot of fun for the adults as well as the kiddos.


Tickets can be bought here.

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