June Goals 2019 1

June Goals 2019

I can’t believe it’s summer already… I know we’ve talked about it being here a lot, but it seems like 2019 is FLYING BY!!!! We’ve been working on our June goals already and we’ve decided to slow things down just a little. We are going to start posting only once a week and see how it goes. We just felt like each post wasn’t getting enough exposure while we were posting twice a week. Now, onto what else we’re working on this June.   

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Gaining a Larger Social Media Presence

The first of our June goals is trying to gain a larger social media presence. Courtney works so hard keeping our instagram up and running. We are getting so sick of the whole “follow/unfollow” mess that’s all over instagram. We want to gain meaningful and engaging followers that we can interact with and that are going to stick around!

Writing Our Posts in Advance

We got really good at writing our posts in advance for a while, but we’ve slipped a little for the last little while. We want to work on getting our post schedule done (for the summer at least) and all of our posts written and scheduled in wordpress. This helps us to work on our social media presence more and not be so stressed about what we’re writing and when.

Concerts Concerts Concerts

Summer in Nashville is packed FULL of concerts and I’m hoping to get around to going to a few! I’m already going to the Second Harvest Food Bank benefit concert on the 4th and I’m so excited! I may even see if the X stage still has tickets for sell with CMA Fest.

I’m going to be an aunt!!! (Again)

Yeah yeah… I know that’s not a real goal, but come December, I’m going to be an aunt again and I’m super excited!!

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