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Tale as Old as Time High Tea Review

We wanted to love this Tale as Old as Time Tea. Oh, how we wanted to love this, but we just didn’t. We were coming back from Hampton court so we were in comfortable travel clothes. We didn’t realize how fancy this place was, but we definitely felt out of place. If you wanted to get dressed up and go for a special occasion it would be super fun. While the finger food was delicious and very creative, we just felt like it was way overpriced for what it included.

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What It The Tale as Old as Time High Tea

The Tale as Old as Time Tea is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a traditional high tea set to the tune of Beauty and the Beast. They have the cutest little figurines and themed finger foods. It’s located in the Kensington Hotel. You get to pick your tea (you can upgrade to champagne if you like), then you get brought various snacks and treats. You also get a ginger cookie in the shape of Belle’s classic yellow gown! THEY EVEN HAVE THE GREY STUFF? If you haven’t heard…it’s delicious!

tale as old as time tea figurines

What We Liked


It’s super cute, and they have the cutest accessories. The food was very delicious and very on theme. The atmosphere is exactly what we expected out of an authentic High Tea in London. The little Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Chip figurines were the cutest things I’ve ever seen. This is the perfect spot to have a nice tea with your little ones if they love Beauty and the Beast. Just be willing to fork over quite a bit of money to do so.

tale as old as time tea tray

What We Didn’t


While the food was very delicious and very on theme, between the price of the tea and the amount of food there was, it was extremely overpriced. We felt extremely underdressed and while there isn’t a dress code stated anywhere, everyone was dressed up. It’s also quite a ways outside the city. We weren’t aware that it was so far outside the city centre when we booked this online.




While we didn’t exactly like everything about the Tale as old as time tea, if it’s going to be your one special activity while you’re on your trip, it’s totally worth it. It’s also worth it if you’re trying to do something special and memorable with your little ones! If you’re looking for something with a little more bang for your buck. We recommend maybe trying another tea that has a little more to offer. Like the Harry Potter High Tea!


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