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Top Outlander Sites in Scotland

I love Outlander! Let me say that again so you all believe me; I LOVE OUTLANDER! Jamie Fraser is absolutely amazing and totally my book/show husband. So when Chelsey and I decided we needed to go to Scotland on our Europe trip, I convinced her to add these stops to our itinerary (although to be honest it wasn’t hard since she loves Outlander too)! Here are the must-see Outlander sites around Scotland!


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Doune Castle (Castle Leoch)

We first see this castle at the end of the first episode and was a staple for half of the first season. The show did an amazing job bringing the 18th century to life. When visiting, there is free parking on site, gift shop, and a free audio tour with each ticket purchase. As you tour the castle, there are numbers associated with the history tour as well as the Outlander experience (narrated by Sam Heughan)! Since it is a historical monument, they didn’t film inside and disrupt the integrity so they created an exact replica of the kitchen in a studio. You can explore everywhere in the castle and even touch the walls, I wanted to go back in time so bad I was touching everywhere!

Midhope House (Lallybroch)

Ahhhh Lallybroch…. You are like my home away from home. To get here, you have to obtain a vehicle pass as it is located on a busy farming area on the estate. This place is gorgeous on the outside but in ruins on the inside. It is so bad that they have it barred so no one can get in (exactly how it is when Claire visits in the future). Also, make sure you check out the website before you go as they may be closed due to farming operations, pheasant shooting days or large public events in the surrounding area.


The house is located on the same property as Hopetoun House which makes visiting there a no brainer! Be sure to check the websites though for closing dates!

Highland Folk Museum (Mackenzie Village)

This was really cool to see and explore! If it hadn’t been raining, we would have stayed and explored everything it had to offer longer! We were able to talk to the employees about what life was really like in the 17th and 18th century as well as how the filmmakers used the site for filming. The village was a result of research, as well as an archaeological excavation and practical experimentation. The recreated buildings were built based on surviving stone foundations, doorways cobbling and hearths, making it as authentic as possible. It was so amazing to see what it would have really looked and felt like during that era.

Blackness Castle (Fort William)

I loved this place! Well, not looking where Jamie was flogged but the views were amazing! We were able to walk along the curtain wall and look out over the (cold) water. The terrain inside the castle was very rocky (unlike like the show) so when you visit, watch where you are walking! Known as the ‘ship that never sailed’ due to its unusual shape, Blackness was a royal castle in 1453, a garrison fortress, a state prison, and an ammunition depot in the late 19th century.

Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison)

This place is huge and in all honesty, I wasn’t able to really tell what area was filmed (oh well). In actuality, it is the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots and a must do if you’re in the area. Make sure that you go when you have PLENTY of time to see everything as this place is a labyrinth. I think we might have ended up going down the same hallway like 3 times thinking we were going somewhere different!

Culloden Moor

So I am not going to lie, I won’t watch the episodes related to Culloden Moor. I watched them the first time and refuse to watch them again. Seeing this field in real life was incredible. You walk through a museum to begin your tour and it explains all about the Jacobite rising. You can see actual memorabilia from both sides and even letters written by Bonnie Prince Charlie. The best part for us Outlander fanatics is the headstone placed in memory of the Fraser Clan.  

Hopetoun House (the Duke of Sandringham’s residence)

We did not get to tour the house when we visited because the owners were in residence. We were so disappointed! It is open to the public from Easter until the last Sunday in September. There were 4 scenes filmed in and out of Hopetoun House! Make sure you keep a close eye and find the spots!

Bakehouse Close (Alexander Malcolm’s print shop)

This area is host to one of my favorite scenes when Claire and Jamie reunite after 20 years apart. Located right off the royal mile, it is said to give a good impression of what Edinburgh looked like in the 18th century. When you walk into the close (really like an alley) you immediately see the stairs the lead to the print shop on the right. We didn’t see a wooden cover, but there is no doubt that this is where the scene was shot.


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