May 2019 Goals 1

May 2019 Goals

It’s gonna be MAY! We are one month away from summer and I can hardly believe how fast this school year went (thank goodness). I was able (with my mom’s help) to clean and organize my entire apartment. I got rid of so much stuff and it feels amazing! This month, I hope I am able to chill out little though even though I still have so much I need to do before summer.

May 2019 Goals 2

Only Spend Money On Essentials

With all our trips, I have definitely been spending too much money and my account is taking  a hit. So this month, I am going to try not to spend any money outside of what is necessary. So no getting take-out for lunch or dinner, no drinks or appetizers after work, and no shopping (oh the horror!). No obviously I need to eat, but I am going to try to eat at home for dinner and bring my lunches all month. Should be easy right??


Get to 1K followers on Instagram

We are so close to getting 1,000 followers on instagram. It is amazing actually and we have you all to thank for it! My hope this month, is to engage more on other accounts and build a permanent following. I am so tired of the follow/unfollow game. I hope we can get this accomplished very soon!


Spend Time with Family


My cousin is coming in from Oklahoma next weekend, and she’s going to be staying at our house all summer. I want to spend as much time as I can with her before she has to go back home.




Working in education, May is the home stretch for us. Surviving all the state testing and finals is always a challenge for us as well as our kiddos. Plus, knowing the kids that I work with, we typically spend all of May trying to get all their missing work turned in and graded before report cards come out and they’re grounded all summer!


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