Does Cafe Du Monde Live Up to the Hype?

Short answer is YES! Cafe Du Monde is so worth getting up early or staying up late for. Their beignets are so delicious and the coffee is amazing too! Just remember to wear light colors because it’s gonna get super messy. We have some tips for you guys to make your Cafe Du Monde trip as smooth as possible!

When to Get There

Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours a day. Getting to Cafe Du Monde around 8:00AM-8:30AM on the weekdays is a pretty safe bet. We got to Cafe Du Monde around 8:30 on a Monday morning and the place was hoppin’, but we managed to find a table straight away. Upon sitting down, we were greeted by a server in about 30 seconds, and had our order placed and at our table in about 5 minutes! Google does a pretty good job of keeping track of when Cafe Du Monde is busy or not. I would suggest looking at their time suggestions before you leave!


Waiting in Line

One thing to keep in mind is that Cafe Du Monde is self seating. If you come up and start waiting to be seated, then you’re going to be waiting there for a pretty long time! Another thing to remember is that dirty tables are up for grabs, too! 90% of the time, the servers aren’t going to bus the table until another party is seated. I know that goes against everything that we know about restaurants, but they stay so busy that they can’t keep up with bussing a table as soon as it’s vacated!


Cafe Du Monde has a to go window that you can order your beignets and coffee to go!


How to Pay

Cafe Du Monde is a cash only restaurant (and of course we forgot all about this when we went). If you forget, there is an ATM across the street and a 24hr ATM just two blocks in the opposite direction. You pay your server right after you order so make sure that you get your cash beforehand! I think two orders of beignets and coffee ran us about $9 total.

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