everything you must do in New Orleans

Everything You Must Do While You’re in New Orleans

As you know, there isn’t any shortage of things to do while you’re in New Orleans. Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your selections to fit within the time constraints that you have. We’ve talked to some locals and used our own trip to compile a list of things you MUST do while you’re in New Orleans.


Everything You Must Do While You're in New Orleans 1


Hop on Hop off Bus Tour


The Hop on Hop off bus tour is a great way to see the city! There are two different packages with booking your tour. The 1 day pass that gives you 24 hours of riding the tour busses or the 3 day pass that comes with 2 free walking tours of the Garden District and the French Quarter. You can get on and off the bus at any of the 15 stops they have and the busses run by each stop every 30 minutes or so.


WW2 Museum


While we didn’t have time to do this, but all the locals say that you have to do it if you’re in New Orleans! They also say to plan an entire day around your visit because it’s massive. Right now they have WW2 veterans giving lectures, and standing by various exhibits to tell you what it was really like in WW2.


Mardi Gras World Tour


We learned about this gem while we were on our hop on hop off tour! Mardi Gras World gives you a behind the scenes look at how they make all the Mardi Gras floats and costumes. Plus they’ll give you a slice of King Cake!  Did you know that a single costume for Mardi Gras costs about $36,000 to make?

Swamp Tour


There are a ton of companies offering swamp boat tours. The top one we’ve seen advertised is Jean LaFitte’s Swamp Tours. Expect to pay at least $29/adult and $12/child (this tour can be included in a sightseeing pass or a New Orleans Pass) Tours last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, and this is pretty much the norm when it comes to all the tours.


Visit a Plantation


There are several plantations that you can tour while you’re in New Orleans. The most popular plantation tour seems to be The Houmas Plantation and Gardens. Houmas Plantation is in between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Any plantation you decide to visit will give you the experience of living in the 1800’s.

Riverboat Cruises

The two most popular cruises are aboard the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler and Steamboat Natchez, but you can hop a ferry for just a few dollars. Each offers a variety of tour types to choose from. The Creole Queen has a brunch option that around $45 that includes bottomless mimosas!


Ghost Tours


There are several Ghost Tours in and around New Orleans. While we weren’t able to attend a Ghost Tour, we did some research and found that Grayline Tours and Ghost City Tours have the best ratings when it comes to being the most fun and educational! Some people have gone so far as to say that their Ghost City’s Ghosts of New Orleans Tour was the highlight of their trip!


Tour St. Louis Cemetery #1

You have to tour at least one cemetery while you’re in New Orleans! We recommend touring St. Louis Cemetery #1 with Free Tours by Foot. You pay $2 to reserve your spot on the tour and to pay the entry fee for the cemetery. After the tour is over, you only pay what you think the tour was worth to you! There are other tour companies that you can go through, but expect to pay around $25-$30 per person!

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