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Top 5 Must Eats in New Orleans

We just got back from a whirlwind Spring Break visit to New Orleans. While we were there, we got to eat at some amazing places. I’m talking, gumbo, donuts, beignets, eggs benedict, boozy iced coffee and more. I think if you dedicated a whole trip to just eating around New Orleans, that you could be here for a month and still not have tried everything! So we wanted to share with you guys our picks for awesome eating in New Orleans.

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Cafe Du Monde

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Cafe Du Monde is THE spot to get beignets in the French Quarter and it’s been the go to coffee spot since 1862!! The cafe is typically packed so once you’re there just know that any table that someone isn’t sitting at is fair game (even if it hasn’t been cleared by the wait staff. They’ll clear it when you sit down)


Click HERE for Locations


TIPS: Make sure you map out what time you want to go (it’s open 24 hours). We went at around 8:30 on a Monday morning and it was packed but we walked right in a found a spot pretty easily.


It’s a cash only establishment. Don’t worry…if you forget (like we did) then there’s either an ATM across the street (depending on the time) or there’s a 24hr. one two blocks down the way.


The Gumbo Shop

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The Gumbo Shop is definitely one of our favorites in New Orleans. Make sure to get the Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo. It’s way better than the seafood!! It was opened in the 1920s by the Porpora family, it was then sold to the Roberts family in the 1960’s.The Roberts family ran The Gumbo shop until around 2008 when they sold it to Hicham Khodr.


You can take a glimpse of their menu HERE.


Click HERE for Location


TIPS: Go at an odd time. It’s insanely packed around the lunch and dinner crowds (and by packed we mean lines down the street!!) We went around 3:30 in the afternoon and there were maybe two parties in front of us.


It’s first come first serve. There are no reservations here and they don’t take your name at the hostess stand. They will simply call for the next party that will fit the table they have available!


District Donuts

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District Donuts were out of this world!! Our favorite was the Fluffernutter! They also make sliders and other sandwiches if you want to stop in for lunch!! Everything they make is Instagram worthy, so make sure to bring your camera with you!


You can take a glimpse at their menu HERE.


Click HERE to find their Location


TIPS: Make sure to get there at an odd time. It’s packed around breakfast and lunch times. Going at an odd time will ensure that you get a table either inside or out on their picnic tables.


Order a few different donuts! We ordered 3 donuts and 2 of their sliders and we got out fairly cheap!


The Ruby Slipper

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The Ruby Slipper is such a good breakfast spot. It’s tucked in between two shops and you’ll miss it if you aren’t paying attention! You have to try the peacemaker, it’s your choice of any two of their eggs benedict that you would like to try. They also have really good alcoholic beverages. I had the Boozy Iced Coffee and Courtney had their signature Ruby Slipper Mimosa! We made friends with the table beside us and they ordered the Brandy Milk Punch which he said was to die for. (keep in mind that in New Orleans you can get your alcoholic drinks TO GO!!)


You can take a glimpse at their menu HERE.


Click HERE to find their Location


TIPS: Get there early or it gets crazy! We got there right at 8 on Monday morning, and as we were leaving the whole place was packed!


Get a boozy drink to go!!

Turkey and the Wolf

Top 5 Must Eats in New Orleans 7

Turkey and the Wolf was featured on the Netflix Original Somebody Feed Phil and it tends to make what I like to call stoner food. Although we didn’t get to visit here while we were in New Orleans, I’ve heard that it’s hands down a place to visit! It’s definitely something you want to do while you’re in the Garden District and maybe on the same day that you’re visiting District Donuts! You have to try one of their signature cocktails!


You can take a glimpse at their menu HERE.


Click HERE to find their Location


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