April Goals 1

April Goals

You know the old saying, April showers bring May flowers? Well I hope that it actually stops raining in our case. It’s rained so much here already this year that I’m ready for some sunshine! The month of March was really busy for us, and I’m just looking forward to a calm April.

April Goals 2

Spring Cleaning


I tend to let things get out of hand and then I’m too overwhelmed to clean at all. Hopefully, by getting into some serious deep cleaning inside and outside this month will do me some good.


Read More (than I already do)


While we were in Florida, we found a bookshop that was closing and had all their hardback books for $2 and all the paperbacks for $1 and we STOCKED UP. Between the three of us, we had Courtney’s whole backseat covered with boxes of books!


Spend Time Outdoors


I want to try and spend as much time as I can outside. However, between the cold and the rain here in Tennessee, we’ve been trapped indoors for far too long. I really want to work on getting the vegetable garden going again soon.


Social Media

Courtney and I have pretty much gotten our scheduling down for our blog posts, however we’re still working on our social media presence. I would like to get to where we can schedule out our social media posts with as much ease as we schedule our blog posts. Courtney does an amazing job at handling our social media presence (especially with the whole “follow/unfollow” mess people like to do). Hopefully we can get together and really schedule out our social media stuff!


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