March Goals 1

March Goals

After what felt like 90 days of January, February flew by! Now March is upon us and this month we want to focus on the social media aspects of our blog. This month we are making sure that we spread some body positivity around for ourselves and for others. March is also going to be a big travel month for us with our road trip next week to New Orleans and Miramar Beach, Florida. We have our Harry Potter themed Beer Festival at the end of the month that we are super stoked about! That means a whole new set of goals for Courtney and I!


Schedule Instagram Posts

We have done better at taking more pictures and documenting our lives (YAY). However, we feel like we have been posting to our Instagram page so last minute. We would like to have a draft of our posts planned out with captions written ahead of time so we aren’t scrambling last minute.


Inspire More Body Positivity

Chelsey and I strive to project as much positivity to the world as possible. Whether that is through our blog, Instagram, or just smiling to everyone we meet. Part of that positivity is through our confidence and self-esteem about our bodies. I am not ok with my body every day, but we believe whatever we put out to the world, we get back in spades. So be prepared for more girl power quotes in your future!


Read More Self-Help Books

Have you read “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero or “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis? I haven’t and I know, I am so late to the party. Being an avid reader but mostly fiction/romance, I don’t really venture out too much into other genres. Target recently had a great deal (buy 2 get 1 free) so I thought, why not? I haven’t started them yet but hopefully, over spring break, I can get started on one!



March is going to be filled with more adventures for Courtney and I. Our Spring Break is coming up and we have made plans to head down to New Orleans and Miramar Beach! We are so excited about this trip that we can hardly stand ourselves! At the end of March, we have a Harry Potter themed festival in Louisville, KY that we are thrilled to be able to attend!


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