We Tried Stitch Fix, and Here's What Happened 3

We Tried Stitch Fix, and Here’s What Happened

We’ve been trying out some different clothing subscription boxes this past month and we finally got to try Stitch Fix. With so many options to choose from it is hard to pick which company to order from! We both ordered boxes and Chelsey even got a box for her niece!

We Tried Stitch Fix, and Here's What Happened 4

What is Stitch Fix?


Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service catering to women, men and kids. The women sizes include 0-24W (xs-3X), men sizes include 28-48W (xs-3X), and kids sizes include 2T-14. When you sign up, you will answer some questions about your style, personality, and price preferences.


How Does it Work?


What I really liked about this process was that they showed you pictures of outfits to help you pick your ideal style instead of just saying different style categories (i.e. classic, trendy, bohemien). And you can pick more than one! You can also attach a pinterest board that reflects your style!


Once you answer those questions, you get paired with a stylist and can request a delivery. You have to sign up and create an account but it’s not a subscription so you can cancel anytime. When you request a box, you will charged a $20 styling fee which will be credited to any item you decide to keep.


You will receive 5 handpicked items in each box (8-10 pieces for the kids boxes) along with a receipt listing the price of each item. If you love and keep all 5 items, you will also get 25% off the total purchase along with your $20 styling fee credit. If, however, you don’t love all the items in your box, you only have to pay for what you keep and send the rest back (you have 3 days to send it back)  in the free shipping bag they provide you. Super easy!


You can also choose the delivery frequency of the boxes. I choose to tell them when I want a box, but they also have the option for once a month, 2-3 times a month, Every other month, and every two months. So it’s really up to you to choose how many boxes you want to commit to!


Our Thoughts



Unfortunately, I didn’t keep anything from my boxes. I liked everything they sent me and it was all super stylish. The fits just weren’t quite right in my first box. While Stitch Fix does exchange anything that doesn’t fit well, I just didn’t think I would wear anything enough for me to keep. That being said though, if I did decide to buy the whole first box, it would have been $135 which would have equaled out to around $27 for each item.


With my second box, most everything was cute, but it was a bit too expensive for me. The jeans were $128 which was a little too pricey for me, and each shirt was around $50-$60. The box total was around $250 with the 25% off and the $20 styling credit. If I had liked everything in the box, I could have gotten out for around $50 each item (which would have been a steal for those jeans!!)


Stitch Fix did email me and wanted to make sure that I was satisfied and gave me steps to make sure that my boxes were more personalized in the future.


My niece’s box had 10 items in it and everything was so stinking cute! It had 3 pairs of jeans, leggings, a hoodie and track pant set, a dress, a cute top, and a couple of tee’s. We really wanted to keep everything, but my niece is in that really hard to fit stage. None of the jeans fit and the t-shirts were too short. The box total was $155 and with the $20 styling credit, it would have been $135. That would have made each piece $13.50!! So the kid’s boxes are a great deal in my opinion.


All in all… I’ll be ordering another box from Stitch Fix!!



I absolutely loved my box! When I ordered my box, I told them I wanted items specifically for an upcoming trip. They sent me 5 items that will be perfect for both destinations. They even looked up the expected forecast! I received a pair of lightly distressed boyfriend jeans (which I have wanted for forever), an adorable pair of sandals, a cardigan to pair with a flowy tank, and a cold-shoulder top. I am not a huge fan of cold shoulder tops but I really couldn’t beat it for the price. The whole box cost me $193 with the 25% off and the $20 styling credit. That made each item in my box approximately $39!


I absolutely loved my first box and will definitely be ordering from them again!

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