Self Care Ideas to Help With Anxiety and Depression 1
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Self Care Ideas to Help With Anxiety and Depression

Self caring when you’re suffering from anxiety or depression can seem impossible. Sometimes even getting out of the bed in the mornings can seem like a big deal. We wanted to share some of our self care ideas that will help you out when you just can’t seem to do anything else.


First, know that mental illnesses are never your fault. They can take a far bigger toll than anyone else will ever know. So if you can do nothing else, please take care of yourself! It might seem small or inconsequential at the time, but it really does make a world of difference!

Self Care Ideas to Help With Anxiety and Depression 2


Take a Few Deep Breaths


Taking a few deep breaths can seem a little silly, but it’s really clarifying. It can help you take a moment to only focus on your breathing and everything else kind of falls to the wayside if only for a moment.


Take the Day Off


Taking the day off from work can really help out if you’re having a bad day. I like to call them mental health days. These are just days that you just can’t do it. When I worked at Verizon, it was so stressful that I had to take a whole week off just to re-evaluate my entire being.




Sleeping can really help you reset and try again. Getting some sleep when you have anxiety can sometimes seem impossible. I get it. Your mind won’t shut off and you can’t seem to shut down. I’m really bad about getting my sleep schedule really off kilter. I like to take Olly’s Sleep Gummies and they tend to help me out a lot on those nights that I just can’t seem to shut everything off!


Get a Cup of Herbal Tea


Nothing is better than a cup of chamomile tea when I’m anxious. Yogi actually has a stress relief tea that’s really good too! If you’re not into tea, then I recommend drinking bone broth. It tastes like soup and it’s warm and calming, plus it’s really good in helping to boost your immune system!




There’s something almost meditation like about coloring. I find that coloring helps me focus on one thing and everything else kind of fades into the background. There are tons of adult coloring books that are complex and really make you concentrate on what you’re doing.


Use or Diffuse Some Essential Oils


Lavender is my favorite essential oil to have on hand at all times. It just screams calming to me. You can either put it in some unscented lotion or you can get a cheap diffuser and have it diffusing all the time (which is what I like to do). Having a diffuser helps create that calming environment, that we all crave in our homes!


Take a Break from Social Media


I used to do this all the time. I’d just wake up and say that I was shutting down my social media accounts for X amount of time. It was a good way for me to be present and in the moment. Now, I just set time limits for myself and then I stop when I’ve hit my limit.


Tip: Don’t be afraid to unfollow people on social media! I used to be so afraid that people would get super upset with me if I unfollowed them and now I just couldn’t care. If you repeatedly post things that I don’t like or agree with or things that upset me. Buh-bye!


Write in a Journal


Writing down what you’re feeling (even if it doesn’t make sense) can really help you in getting a handle on your anxiety and depression. Start by writing down your concerns and fears, and what’s been happening in your life right now. By doing this, you can look back and see what’s concerning you and how you can fix it.


Make a List of Things You’re Grateful For


We always need reminding of the things that we’re grateful for. I like to (mentally) do this all the time, but having a physical copy of these things makes it to where I can go back and look at my lists whenever I need reminding!


Watch a Movie or a TV Show


We all have those go to stupid silly movies or shows that we put on in the background when we’re doing stuff. Take some time to sit down and watch these things. I know it seems like you aren’t doing much of anything at the time, but it does redirect your focus from your worries to the television screen.



Meditating is always a good idea. It’s super calming and helps you clear your mind. If you’re not sure how to meditate, the Headspace app is a great starting place! They teach you how to meditate in 10 minute sessions!

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