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How to Develop a Self Care Routine that You’ll Actually Stick With

Developing a self care routine can feel impossible because it seems like we’re so busy all of the time. Self care is so important to your health that making time for it is a must! We have come up with the best way to help you incorporate a self care routine into your schedule (even if you only have 10-20 extra minutes a day).

How to Develop a Self Care Routine that You'll Actually Stick With 1

Hold Yourself Accountable


Holding yourself accountable is the most important step in making sure that you schedule in some self care activities during your day. If you’re terrible at holding yourself to things, then have a friend hold you accountable for making sure you have enough time for your self care routine!


Take Advantage of Your Free Time


Even if you only have 10 minutes of your day that isn’t scheduled, take advantage of it! Self care doesn’t have to be this elaborate thing that you have to set aside an hour of your day just to have! It can be things as simple as doing a breathing exercise for 5 minutes, taking a hot bath instead of a shower, or watching an episode of that show you’ve been meaning to check out!


Do Things You Love


Making a self care routine that you’re actually going to stick to can be tough. To make it easier, do things you love! If you’re doing activities that you love then it’s not going to seem like a chore when it comes time to actually hold yourself accountable! If you need help with coming up with ideas to help you get started on your self care journey, then check out our post for activities to do on a self care day!


Get a Good Night’s Sleep


I know this seems like a silly part of a self care routine, but try getting a good night’s sleep. Getting plenty of rest can ensure that your mind and body are running at its best!


Plan Ahead and Schedule


Planning ahead is important when you’re trying to fit self care into your day. Knowing that you’ve already blocked out space to have for yourself is a big part of sticking to your routine! It doesn’t have to be planned down to the minute. Just pencil in things that you would like to try, like goat yoga, checking out some walking trails near your house, or even scheduling an mani or pedi counts as self care!!


Be Flexible


I know I just told you to make sure you schedule your self care activities in. Sometimes your schedule gets thrown out the window and that’s ok! If you don’t have enough time in your schedule, just fit something in for yourself! (even if it’s just making sure you get a good night’s sleep!!)


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