February Goals 1

February Goals

Is it just us, or has January felt like the longest month ever?? Luckily, it’s finally over, and February is here! We are so excited to be bringing you some great content this month, along with setting some goals for ourselves that we hope will really impact our blog for the better!

February Goals 2

Take more pictures

We are horrible at documenting our lives, I mean really bad. To be fair, sometimes I just want to be in the moment. However, later on, we tend to realize that it would have been the perfect moment to document and share with our followers. Then the inevitable palm to face moment happens, it can get frustrating.

Become Instagram pros

We have totally neglected our Instagram account lately (along with everything else it feels like). However, we have been reading a lot of posts by other bloggers on how to get better. We have both downloaded photography and scheduling apps so we can stay on top of the account. With our goal of taking more pictures, we hope to bring more content to you all through our various social media accounts!

Be more social

When is it cold and dreary outside, the last thing we want to do is go out somewhere! Which usually means staying at home and watching Netflix. Not that that is a bad thing but when it becomes an every day and/or weekend occurrence it is time to make a change.

Self Care Month on the Blog

We have declared February the month of self-care. YAY!! Self-care is so important to us and we want to share as much information with you all as possible. So be on the lookout for all our awesome posts this month!

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