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What to Skip on Your Trip to London

Ahh, London. We were so excited to be able to add this glorious city to our two-week adventure that we couldn’t even stand ourselves. It’s a fantastic city to visit and probably to live in as well. While we absolutely loved London, there were some things that just didn’t live up to the hype.  We want to let you guys know what we didn’t like about dear ole London so that you can plan your trip accordingly!


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The Tate Modern

Tate Modern

OK. I know that The Tate is a staple for London, but we just couldn’t get into it. Now we don’t claim to know anything about art (and probably never will) but it felt like a lot of the pieces were things that we could have done ourselves. We stopped in right after we left Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and I wish we would have just gone right on to Westminster Abbey. There were some very interesting exhibits that had a good message but as a whole, it was something that we could have missed.


The London Eye

london eye

While we didn’t actually try this one ourselves, we heeded the advice from several locals and skipped it. They all agreed that it was overpriced and the lines are too long to justify a 15-minute ride. They agreed that the view is spectacular but that it wasn’t worth it in the long run. We really wanted to do this but we decided that our time would be better spent taking a little more time at our other attractions and I’m glad we did.



Tale as Old as Time High Tea

tale as old as time tea

We wanted to love this. Oh, how we wanted to love this, but we just didn’t. We were coming back from Hampton court so we were in comfortable travel clothes. We didn’t realize how fancy this place was but we definitely felt out of place. The whole thing was super cute. If you wanted to get dressed up and go for a special occasion it would be super fun. While the finger food was delicious and very creative, we just felt like it was way overpriced for what it included.




We may have made a mistake by driving here ourselves and not doing a tour. The campus is huge and confusing to navigate. Not to mention it was super crowded. We almost got stuck down one of the streets because we had no idea where we were going. The campus was beautiful with stone architecture but this is one area that we recommend taking a tour.


CityCruises Water Cruise

city cruise

We took the water cruise as transport from Westminster Abbey to The Tower. It was fun, and the guides were hilarious, but unless you’re taking full advantage of each stop, then we recommend that you skip it!

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