15 Essentials to Keep in Your Car This Winter

Winter is upon us and keeping yourself safe(and warm) while you’re traveling is a priority! Today we are giving you our top 15 essentials for traveling in the winter.

Emergency Roadside Kit

Keeping an emergency roadside kit is a good idea all year round. In the winter though, you’re more likely to slide off the road or get stuck somewhere. Having a roadside kit will help you, help yourself or to identify where you are so emergency officials can get to you.

Charging Bank

Keeping a charged charging bank in your glovebox will help you keep your phone charged if your car dies. I’ve been in this situation. My car battery decided that it was going to give out on me in the middle of nowhere and my phone was dying. Luckily I had roadside assistance through Verizon so I could just hop on the app really quick and send my location before my phone died. Ever since then, I’ve kept a charged power bank in my glovebox!


First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit in your car is just a smart idea. Not only will it help if you’re in an accident, but it’ll also come in handy if you’re clumsy like me. I sliced my hand on plastic packaging and needed a bandage and I had a whole kit in my car!


Ice Scraper

Keeping an ice scraper in your car will come in handy on those days that you forget to start your car early…like me. Ice scrapers are typically just a few bucks.



This one should be self explanatory (hello almost every horror movie ever haha). Having a flashlight in my trunk has come in more handy than I’d like to admit.


Extra Clothes


Unzip a jacket and place a shirt and pants inside. Zip the jacket up and then place a pair of gloves in one pocket and socks in the other.  Now you have a complete outfit just in case. Target has gloves for $1 a pair and scarves for around $5.



I keep blankets in my trunk just in case I break down. It’s happened to me before and I was glad that I had blankets to keep my warm! The one above is about $25 but it’s a heated car blanket. It plugs into your cigarette lighter. If you don’t want to splurge on this… I’m sure you have extra blankets laying around your house.


Windshield Wiper Fluid

Keeping an extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid is a good idea because it has antifreeze properties in it that’ll help your windshield de-ice quickly.


Jumper Cables


Jumper cables are a good idea year round. I’ve used the jumper cables in my trunk about 8 times this year either for myself or someone else. You never know when you’ll accidentally leave your lights on or your battery decides that it’s quitting.

Water/ Non Perishable Food




Bottled water and energy bars in your trunk is useful in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and it’s going to be a long time for a tow truck to get to you.


Tow Straps

Tow straps will help you get out of some sticky situations if you have someone besides a tow company coming to help you get unstuck. They’re inexpensive and don’t really take up much trunk space.



Since you’re putting a flashlight in your trunk (right?), you’re going to need extra batteries.


Candles and Matches


Having candles and matches in your trunk will give you light (and warmth) if your car breaks down.


Warm Hands/Toes Packets

Having these in your trunk with your extra clothes will help keep you warm until help arrives.


Rock Salt or Sand

Keeping rock salt in your car will help weigh down your car in case you get stuck. It’ll also help de-ice the ground if you happen to get stuck.


Extra Tips:


  • Try to keep your gas tank at or above ½ a tank. This will help you out if you slide off the road or get a flat. Gas=Heat!
  • Mix 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle for a cheap natural de-icer.
  • Place ziploc bags over your side mirrors when you get out of your car every afternoon and it’ll help keep them from icing over.
  • Keep a travel size hand sanitizer with you to unfreeze door handles and locks.



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