How AMC is Killing an Already Maimed MoviePass 3

How AMC is Killing an Already Maimed MoviePass

My family and I have a Thanksgiving tradition of going to the movies after dinner is wrapped up and done. We were so excited to be able to use MoviePass before it’s untimely demise. MoviePass is quickly becoming a sad forgotten piece of moviegoing history. BUT! Not before paving the way for other companies to start their own programs. I’m talking about AMC Theater’s Stubs A-List.(follow the link to get 5,000 bonus points for signing up!) AMC has taken the trend that MoviePass started and ran with it. Not only do they have dine in theaters, but most of their newer facilities have recliners instead of regular theater seats. I signed up for A-List a few weeks ago just because we see a lot of movies in the winter.

How AMC is Killing an Already Maimed MoviePass 4

How it Works:


Once signing up, you can start reserving movies. You get 3 movies a week! I think we reserved our movies all the way into December. The only thing I wish they had was unlimited reservations. Right now, you can only have 3 movies in your queue and future reservations do take up those slots. So say I have my 3 movies for the week and I’ve already seen one but I have Wreck It Ralph and Green Book scheduled. I would then have to cancel one of my reservations and schedule the movie I wanted to see today and then re reserve the movie I had to cancel.


The Cost:


It is a bit steeper than MoviePass, but the benefits outweigh the cost in my opinion. The current cost is $21.90/month inc. tax. Breaking that down, if you saw all 12 of your movies a month, it would come to $1.82 a ticket. Even if you just saw 5 movies a month, it would still pay for itself at $4.38 a ticket. The cheapest ticket around Nashville is around $12.00. The highest tickets being around $21.00. Going to the movies once at the dine in theaters here would pay for your monthly membership


Here are some of my pro’s and con’s for AMC’s A-List.




  1. You get 3 movies a week. Now I know that MoviePass used to give you “unlimited movies” but it really only boiled down to 4 more than what AMC is offering. Plus, who saw 7 movies a week anyways?
  2. You can choose to see all of your movies in one day! This is a huge pro for me because out nearest AMC is 30 minutes away and once I’m over there…I’m making it worth my while.
  3. You can see a movie multiple times.
  4. It INCLUDES 3D and IMAX tickets!
  5. You can reserve movies ahead of time! I already have my next 3 movies scheduled!
  6. You get to pick your seats (at most theaters). When ordering your tickets, you get to choose the seats you want in the theater.
  7. You can use the A-List subscription with other apps like fandango and ATOM tickets. Which is nice because right now, ATOM tickets is having a promotion that if you book and see 4 movies through their app, you get a free ticket.
  8. Each ticket still earns you points to use towards concessions. 5,000 points is a $5 off coupon.
  9. Once you’re a Stub member, you get access to $5 ticket Tuesdays. So say you want to go to the movies with your friend, but they don’t have A-List..just go on Tuesday’s. You can get your ticket for free and if they sign up for the free membership, they’ll get access to $5 ticket Tuesday’s as well.




  1. They don’t have family memberships…yet.
  2. I don’t think reservations should be held in the same place as your weekly movies allotments. I think future reservations should have its own tab.
  3. Finding an AMC near you might prove difficult.
  4. They make you show ID. I know this is to keep you from sharing your membership but seriously..I’m paying for the membership regardless of who is seeing the movie.


The pros definitely outweigh the cons IF there is an AMC theater near you.

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