November Goals

How is it already November? It feels like we are still in April or May! Nevertheless the Holidays are upon us and approaching FAST! Here are our goals for November!

Keep Our Sanity

Keeping your sanity during the holiday season is crazy hard. Between familial obligations and parties..there isn’t much You time!

Read a Book in a New Genre

I’m trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to books. I feel like I’m always picking from the same genres and I don’t venture out much. So this month…if a book is recommended to me…I’m going to read it!

Survive Thanksgiving

I think this one might just be Self explanatory hahaha

Start the Holiday Movie Season

I’m a sucker for Thanksgiving and Christmas movies. I love to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and watch all the Hallmark movies around the holidays. Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate so that the hot cocoa will be a possibility!!

Check out Alternatives to MoviePass

Moviepass was a game changer and with it slowly fading into the distance…I’m looking for replacements that are going to give me the same experience that moviepass did in the beginning.

Schedule Posts for the New Year

We have our posts planned for the rest of the year but I would like to get a schedule going for 2019!

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