• Gearing up for the Holiday Season 1

    Gearing up for the Holiday Season

    Welp…here we are! 36 Days until Christmas! It seems crazy how fast 2018 has flown by. I distinctly remember it just being April. Where did all the time go? Nevertheless, Christmas is upon us and I try to get everything I can prepared ahead of time. Here are some tips and tricks to get you prepared for the holiday. FOOD   Bread can be cut up and frozen to go ahead and prepare for dressing. Same goes for cornbread, if you like cornbread dressing. Vegetables can be chopped and frozen as well. If you are worried about the smell of the onions permeating your fridge and freezer…(this works for all…

  • Our Favorite Holiday Recipes 5

    Our Favorite Holiday Recipes

    With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit and Netflix has put up some really cute holiday movies, and I’m forever stuck in group messages about who’s bringing what dish to the annual Thanksgiving meal on my dad’s side of the family. I (thankfully) haven’t heard from my mom’s side of the family yet, because let’s face it…one group chat is enough to drive a person crazy…let alone 2! Never you mind though, on to the topic of today’s chat! Food! We are sharing our favorite holiday foods and recipes with you guys so hopefully you won’t ever have to scramble last minute to…

  • How AMC is Killing an Already Maimed MoviePass 7

    How AMC is Killing an Already Maimed MoviePass

    My family and I have a Thanksgiving tradition of going to the movies after dinner is wrapped up and done. We were so excited to be able to use MoviePass before it’s untimely demise. MoviePass is quickly becoming a sad forgotten piece of moviegoing history. BUT! Not before paving the way for other companies to start their own programs. I’m talking about AMC Theater’s Stubs A-List.(follow the link to get 5,000 bonus points for signing up!) AMC has taken the trend that MoviePass started and ran with it. Not only do they have dine in theaters, but most of their newer facilities have recliners instead of regular theater seats. I…

  • How To Prep for Thanksgiving and Keep Your Sanity 11

    How To Prep for Thanksgiving and Keep Your Sanity

    Thanksgiving is finally upon us! If you’re anything like me, I try as hard as possible to get through the holiday unscathed. I’ve set up some tips and tricks that you can use to prep for Thanksgiving and still hold on to your sanity…at least until Christmas! Food Prep   THAW YOUR TURKEY!!! If you have a frozen turkey like I do… just remember that it needs a day to thaw for every 4lbs. If you want to brine the turkey then you are going to want to add another day to your thawing schedule! Take the wrappings off your turkey the day before Thanksgiving and place it in your…

  • what to watch on hulu

    What to Watch on Hulu

    Hulu just started offering their Live TV Beta program starting at $33.99 a month with limited commercials. They also have a package that is $43.99 that is the no commercials plan. It includes over 50 channels and most (if not all) of the sports channels! This is a great option for people thinking of cutting the cord. They will also have you put in your zip code and give you all your local channels too! Whether you have the Live TV Beta or just regular Hulu…here’s our top picks!     Freakish   2 Seasons   Freakish is a teen horror/thriller series created by AwesomenessTV that premiered on Hulu in…