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Long Layovers vs. Short Layovers

Let’s talk layovers…most suck, but if you have the extra time, look into layovers in places that you’ve never been or love to go. Most international flights will have long layover in New York, Boston, or ICELAND!!!! We had the option to layover in Iceland this time around but we didn’t have the time to stop. (we had the time but we didn’t want to do it because we were too dang excited about Europe hahaha)


Short Layovers

If you are choosing a flight with a layover and you want it to be a shorter layover, definitely make sure that it’s at least an hour layover. That gives you time to get to your next terminal with some time to spare. This is especially important if your layover is in a major hub like New York or Chicago where the airports are HUGE!


With our flight this time, we had an hour layover each way and then Delta changed the itinerary on us and now we only have 45 minutes in between  our outgoing flights. Thankfully they’re in the same terminal so we got extremely lucky. I think they’re just changing planes and letting us reboard. On our incoming flights back home we have around a 3 hour layover in New York which is ok with us because we will spend the time writing posts for you guys and uploading pictures!


Long Layovers

I got bumped from a flight (voluntarily) and I got to spend 48 glorious hours in Chicago that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! If you have the time in your schedule, long layovers can be wonderful. Especially if they’re somewhere you haven’t been or somewhere you love to go. I would love to have even a 36 hour layover in Iceland or New York. It gives you a chance to create memories and experiences that you never would have had if you didn’t choose the longer layover.


I mean…come on you guys…laying over in this place would be pure magic.


What to Pack for a 24+ Hour Layover


If you choose the longer layover, you’re going to want a carry on for sure. You sometimes forget to pack clothes and other personal items in a carry on because you don’t think you’ll need it. Trust me…you do! Whether you have a short layover or a long layover you’ll need these items…

In your carry on I would have your toiletries, a change of clothes (maybe 2), an adapter if your trip is international, and your phone charger.


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