How to: Pack for Your Destination's Weather 1
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How to: Pack for Your Destination’s Weather

When packing for a longer trip, you always have to think about luggage space and the weight of your luggage. Keeping your suitcase under 50lbs when you’re going away for more that a week can be tough. Today we are going to give you some examples for what to pack when your trip is longer than a week. Plus we have some items that we love that you can pack to take less clothes and save some room for those souvenirs!

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Packing for Colder Weather


Packing for when your destination is a colder place can be tough. You need jackets, boots, sweaters, heavier socks, etc. There’s only so much room in your suitcase… so I would wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes for your flight and pack everything else. I would only pack 4 pairs of pants and around 3 pairs of shoes that go well with every outfit. As for handbags I would pack totes or hobos. Something that will lay flat in your suitcase and take up almost no room. Now if you want to have another handbag with you that doesn’t lay flat then I would carry it with you on the plane!


colder weather outfit ideas

Packing for Warm Weather 


Packing for warmer weather is a bit easier and you can pack more because summer clothes take up less space. I would still stick with 3-4 pairs of pants and then two bikini bottoms that can mix and match with different bikini tops for swimming.

warmer weather outfit ideas

I would still stick to having flat bags since they’re so easy to pack and they don’t take up a lot of room!


Extras to Pack


Here are some items that you can pick up before you leave that take up almost no space in your luggage. They will come in super handy especially when you are trying to create as much space as possible!


Woolite Smooth Trip Detergent Packs


I know that only bringing 3-4 pairs of pants seems daunting but I always buy and use these when I’m on a trip.


woolite smooth travel detergent packs

Each pack holds enough detergent to wash 1-2 garments in the sink and 3-4 garments in a washing machine (if you have a washer and dryer available to you). These little guys are awesome and you get a pack of 10 for around $4.


Compression bags


These are always a good idea too. They are super affordable on amazon and it saves you so much space. I typically like to use them on the way back when I have souvenirs to bring back with me!

How to: Pack for Your Destination's Weather 2

The ones above are about $20. There are several different options and sizes you can choose from when you’re looking at compression bags. Just make sure that they don’t require a vacuum. You don’t know when you’ll have access to a vacuum to make the bags work and I wouldn’t want to waste money on something that I couldn’t even use!

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