20 Essentials for International Travel

Traveling to Europe is daunting enough, but getting there and realizing you’ve left something important behind is rough! Here are our top 20 essentials for International Travel!


Travel AC Adapter (with USB ports)

Having this beforehand will save you the headache and money of having to find one where you are. I say find an adapter with usb ports too is because you can charge your phone and other electronics without using an outlet on the adapter that you can use for other things!


Long Phone charger

Having a 6 or 10ft charger will  let you have your phone plugged in and out of the way if you need nightstand space.


Rain boots

Rain boots are always a good idea to either pack or wear on your flight to save on suitcase space. Especially if you’re traveling to Europe in the fall.


Rain coat

This raincoat is cute and can be put in your carry on without taking up any room. This is especially helpful when you get to your destination. It can fit in a purse or backpack without taking any space.


Comfy Shoes


This is important to have because if you travel like we do, we take the first train out and the last train back when we are on vacation! Comfortable shoes are what save your poor feet from killing you.


RFID and Slash proof handbag or crossbody

Travelon makes a slew of handbags, crossbodies, and backpacks that are RFID protected and slash proof. The zippers even clip into the handles of each bag for added protection. These are a must have to protect yourself from pickpockets.


Passport carrier

I don’t like rummaging around for my stuff when there’s a line waiting behind me. It gives me all the anxiety. That’s why I like this travel wallet because it gives me one place to hold all of my important documents I need to travel with.


Country Accepted AC plug for your phone

This will save your adapter for other things you have to plug in. I think I got it on Amazon for around $13.


Universal Blow Dryer attachments









I use the Devacurl diffuser because it will fit with any hair dryer. That means one less thing I have to pack in my suitcase that takes up room and weight! I haven’t used a universal concentrator but this one is at Sally Beauty for like $6!



If you’re going to rent a car you might need an International Driving Permit.. Check out our post on International Driving Permits. Sometimes even if the country doesn’t require an IDP, your car rental company can. Here in the US only 2 companies are authorized to issue IDP’s. AAA and AATA. Make sure you get one before you leave because once you’re out of the country, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive one by mail.


Cash in the Currency of your Travel Country

First check with your bank and credit card company to make sure that they don’t charge any foreign transaction fees or ATM fees. After you’ve done this then make sure you have cash in the currency of your travel company because some places only take cash. Especially in the markets and flea markets!


Comfortable Clothes

Now I’m all for looking super cute but make sure your clothes are cute and comfortable. You don’t want to be uncomfortable all day when you’re traveling or sightseeing. It makes you miserable and your experiences shouldn’t be overcasted because you’re uncomfortable.


Power Banks

These will come in especially handy when you’re out and about and you’re phone starts dying or your camera needs a top off. The last thing you need is for your phone or camera to die right as you’re coming into the best part of your day trip! I recommend the ones in the picture above because it comes with 4 power banks and a docking station for all of them. That way it only uses one outlet on your adapter.


Car Charger

This is important if you’re renting a car and you are using your phone for GPS when traveling. You don’t want your phone to die when you’re in the middle of nowhere!


Travel First Aid Kit

You might think that this is silly but this will help with anything from blisters to mishaps! They’re typically around $15-$20 for a huge kit.



Keeping a cheap journal in your purse will help you jot things down when you’re out and about so you don’t forget them.



Whether it’s an actual camera or your phone…you’ll need a camera! This camera is around $80 and it’s great for traveling especially if you don’t want to lug around a DSLR camera and all its attachments plus it won’t murder your soul if it’s lost or stolen. This will help you share your experiences with your friends and family back home.


Hand Sanitizer

Germs…need I say more? You don’t want to be sick on vacation and sometimes you just don’t have access to wash your hands while on the road!


Extension Cord

This will help you out especially if you only have one adapter in the room!


Power Strip

I always pack a power strip when I travel. We have so many electronics nowadays that it’s crazy! This power strip comes with USB ports so you can plug in anything that has a USB cord and it won’t take any outlet space.


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