October Goals 1
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October Goals

WE ARE T MINUS 2 DAYS TIL OUR TRIP!! We are so excited that we can barely contain ourselves!! This is truly the trip of a lifetime for us! We still have so much to do to get ready to leave that it’s crazy around here! We wanted to set some goals for this month pre and post trip.

October Goals 2



We are continuing Travel Season throughout October and we will be bringing you guys almost everything you need to know about visiting England, Ireland, and Scotland! We are very excited for Travel Season. Our travels are our favorite thing to write about!


Check and Recheck Everything


We need to have everything printed and ready to go for the airports and the rental companies! We also have to have every ticket that we need for our day trips and excursions. We will go over all of our lists and make sure that we have absolutely everything we need for our trip. Plus it’s not like we are going to be 3 hours away and can just run to the store and grab something that we need. No. We are going to be 4,183 miles from home! We have to have everything packed that’s on our list.


Chill Out


This one is going to be so hard. I can get myself pretty worked up when I’m excited and it does nothing to help my already frequent insomnia! I have to remind myself to chill out and take some time to just relax and know that everything will happen the way it’s supposed to.


Have All Our Posts Scheduled


We want to have everything scheduled and ready to go for you guys so that you can continue to read our posts! We will also be uploading to instagram in real time so that we can share our trip with you guys! Be sure to follow us @xoxo_cb_ and follow us on our journey!




Coming down from our trip is sure to be pretty hard, but I’m sure that we will be so tired that getting back into a routine will feel nice for a while.




We get real excited for Halloween around these parts haha. That and Freeform is doing 31 Days of Halloween this year instead of 13 Days!! So that’s super exciting! Plus Courtney’s birthday is on Halloween so we usually celebrate by watching all the halloween movies we can think of! I’m thinking about planning a bonfire for a few of my friends and family too!


Gearing Up for the Holidays


This year has flown by! I can’t believe that the holiday season is almost upon us! It’s crazy to think about! We are going to get back to our normal posting in November and give you guys some helpful posts about surviving the holidays! I know I need them because my family is CRAZY!!


Keep Our Scheduling in Advance


When we first started out we didn’t really write in advance. We wrote week by week and sometimes that was just super stressful. We got all of September’s posts written and scheduled by September 5th and it was so nice to just sit back and read comments and only have to worry about pinning to our pinterest groups and keeping up with instagram.

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