How To: Know When to Book Your Vacation 1

How To: Know When to Book Your Vacation

The hardest part about booking a vacation is knowing when to book. You always ask yourself if this is the cheapest price that I’m going to get. There isn’t an exact method to booking but there are a few tips that can help you get the most bang for your buck!

How To: Know When to Book Your Vacation 2



I’ve always heard that the Tuesday, six weeks before your trip is the best times to book your flights. They say that this is the cheapest that the flight is going to ever be. We didn’t really see any change in our flight price. However, places like Expedia and Priceline get exclusive deals on a certain number of seats on almost every flight. Like for our flight, they had 30 seats at a specific price. After all the seats at that price sold out, the price went back to the original price from the airline’s website.



Hotels are really just about your preferences. Places like Expedia and Priceline get exclusive deals on a certain number of hotel rooms, but once those rooms are gone, the price goes up. Sometimes Expedia even runs deals where you can get 50% off your hotel rates! So if you can, I would keep on the lookout for sale emails and maybe you can score your hotels for a steal! Plus.. with most sites, they have a best price guarantee which gives you the difference on the cost of your hotel, flight, or bundle back. With Expedia, if you find your hotel cheaper (as long as it’s at least 2 days from your check-in date) they’ll give you the difference in price plus an $50 in travel bucks to spend. So even if you book early, definitely keep an eye out on the prices!

Car Rentals

You can book your rental on the plane ride to your destination if you wish. There isn’t really a set timeframe to book for car rentals. Now I will say…if you’re on a site and they’re having a sale…BOOK IT! Prices will vary from day to day otherwise.



We bundled our flights with the 2 nights we are going to be in Dublin. We wound up getting our flights for around $500RT each, which from Nashville, they usually are around $800-$900 RT. Bundling through Expedia or Priceline can get you the most bang for your buck, but the prices differ from day to day. If you think that the price you are seeing is the best you’re going to get then I would book! There isn’t an exact science to calculating the best deal. Just go with your gut!

Excursions/Day Trips


These are best left to when you know your exact schedule. We are booking our stuff now for when we leave on October 4th. We wanted to make sure that we got our schedule completely hammered out, before we made plans and bought stuff for specific days and times. Now the biggest thing I will tell you is to shop around. We were going to book some of our activities through their respective websites, but we found better deals through Expedia. We also got access to bigger discounts because we had previously purchased a bundle!

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