How To: Choose Your Vacation Destination 1

How To: Choose Your Vacation Destination

Choosing your vacation spot is something we all have to decide at one point or another. Do you go to the same place you’ve been going forever or do you venture out and try something new? I have to admit that I’m typically a creature of habit. I like to go where I know the atmosphere and can navigate my way around, but this year Courtney and I are broadening our horizons and taking a trip to Europe! We want to share with you how we made our decision on where we wanted to travel!

How To: Choose Your Vacation Destination 2

Create Your Budget


This can be for the whole trip or per person. Once you have your budget, you’ll know exactly how far you can go. Don’t be fooled to think that just because your budget is a little lower; that you can’t get the vacation you’ve been dreaming about. There are several sites and apps that you can use to find amazing deals all over the world!


Make a List


Make a list of your top destinations (nothing crazy long). When you make your list, try to think about the length and timeframe of your trip. Make sure your list is attainable within the amount of vacation days you have! Be sure to take the weather/season into account as well. If you are traveling over Christmas and want to get away from the cold/snow, make sure you aren’t going anywhere where that is a possibility.


Shop Around


Take your list and put it into a travel site. See what the roundabout price is for the time you’re going. Do you have some play as to when you can take your vacation days? For example, it’s cheaper to leave out on a Tuesday rather than on the weekend. Take these things into consideration while browsing. Many apps/site show you a price calendar so you can get the cheapest flight to your dream destination. Be sure to check out our post next week on the top apps to watch your flight prices!!


If you still can’t decide…


Sites like travelzoo and Groupon have trips all the time that are all inclusive and include flights. This can get you more bang for your buck than if you booked on your own. They typically leave from major airports and may cost a bit more to leave from your local airport, but even still they come out to be quite a bit cheaper than booking separately.


Travel Tip:  Do all your travel searching in a private browser. Websites collect information from you and they can jack the prices up on the destinations you’ve recently been searching.

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