How To: Meal Prep When You’re Busy 1
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How To: Meal Prep When You’re Busy

I do this all the time… I have all these plans to eat great for the week and meal prep EVERYTHING! Only to get home on Sunday after hitting the grocery store and be too tired to move. I know we’ve all been there so I want to show you my tips and tricks to making your prepping sessions go as smooth as possible.


How To: Meal Prep When You’re Busy 2

Remember the K.I.S.S. Method



I know there are some awesome recipes on Pinterest, but if you’re in the kitchen for 4 hours making this meal…is it really worth it?? I’m going to go ahead and say you agree with me and say that’s a big fat no. I know you have some go-to recipes that are already favorites. Don’t be afraid to use those!


If You’re Meal Prepping for Breakfast


I’m always partial to smoothies. They’re quick, healthy, delicious, and have minimal cleanup! My sister and brother in law do egg muffins that they make in advance.  With my smoothies, I like to measure everything (except my liquid) and place it a Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer. So in the morning, I’m only grabbing maybe 2 things instead of 4 or 5 which can save you a boatload of time.


If You’re Meal Prepping for Lunch


Invest in some travel containers. Costco typically carries a 30 pack of to go containers for around $9.99! 

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They’re uniform in shape (your fridge will thank me) and they are dishwasher safe. Some weeks I just make sure to make enough dinner to carry over for my lunch but most of the time I will have something specific in mind and I’ll make enough on Sunday to last me the week. I will use frozen vegetables in my lunches as it saves a lot of time on the prep end and I cook all my meats at once. Either that or I will get the pre-cut deli chicken from Aldi or a rotisserie chicken from Publix if it’s still hot outside and I don’t want to heat my house.


I also get whatever fruit and vegetable(if possible) that’s on sale for the week for snacks. I usually stick to strawberries and sugar snap peas until they’re out of season and therefore too expensive haha.


If You’re Meal Prepping for Dinner


Don’t forget about your crockpot!!! Seriously! You can gather everything you need and place it in a pansaver the night before and drop the pansaver in your crockpot before you leave for work! If you don’t have a crockpot or it’s something that isn’t conducive for crockpot cooking, then you can still gather your ingredients the night before. Put your canned and dry ingredients on the counter and place your refrigerated items together in your fridge. It’s all about staying ahead of the game really. Also…give yourself an easy night! We always tend to schedule a takeout or pizza night within the week so we aren’t always rushing home to mess up the kitchen haha. (side note: the pansavers are oven safe up to 400 degrees and microwave safe too! And they eliminate cleanup!! You get 100 in a pack for around $35)

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