• Ardell Magnetic Lash Review 1
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    Ardell Magnetic Lash Review

    I recently bought the Ardell magnetic lashes and wanted to share my experience. My lashes won’t curl. I mean I have tried everything and no matter what I do they won’t stay. So I heard about these magnetic lashes made by Ardell and decided to try them out!     Ardell makes so many fake lashes with 5 kinds of magnetic lashes. These include the double wispies, double 110, double demi wispies, accents 001, and accents 002. Target has a whole set-up devoted to these lashes and they are only $12! Unfortunately, my store only carries the accents 001 and the double 110 styles. I decided to try the double…

  • 65 things to do on a self care day
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    65 Things To Do On A Self-Care Day

    There are many ways we can incorporate self-care into our lives. Mental health experts talk about the five dimensions of self-care; physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Below I have given examples of the different activities you can do to reduce stress and live a happier life.     Physical This pertains to the physical aspect of our health so our exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation.  Go for a walk Stretch Go on a hike For for a swim Go to a workout class Get a manicure/pedicure Get a massage Sing like no one’s listening Dance like no one’s watching Eat healthy food Retail therapy (within reason) Take a long warm…

  • How To: Plan A Self-Care Day 11
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    How To: Plan A Self-Care Day

    It has only been 4 weeks since we started back to school and self-care has never been more needed! There are so many students that need help but only so many hours in a day. It can get really overwhelming. As a social worker, I am BIG on self-care. So, after having a little mental breakdown last week, I decided that I need to actually plan my self-care time. Otherwise, I won’t make it a priority and my mental health will suffer.     What is self-care?   Self-care is an action you do to take care of your physical, spiritual, and mental health. It is key to an improved…

  • 7 Awesome Train Trips from Nashville 15

    7 Awesome Train Trips from Nashville

    When we think of day trips, trains don’t exactly come to mind anymore. I think that’s a shame and train trips should make a comeback. There is no better way to see the sights and let someone else worry about the driving. Here are 7 awesome train trips that leave from Nashville!   Del Monaco Winery Trip   Cost: $135-$185 if purchased from wineontherails.com . Cost is $65-$160 if purchased through tcry.org or calling 615-241-0436   Dates: Vary   Time: The train departs from the Tennessee Central Railway Museum at 8:30am and returns around 6:00pm the same day.   This trip sells out super fast! I recommend adding them on social media…

  • Why I tried Nurx and Why You Should Too 19

    Why I tried Nurx and Why You Should Too

    .First of all…you’re probably asking “What the heck is Nurx anyways?” Nurx is a website (they have an app too!) that lets you take your reproductive health back into your own hands. It lets you pick the birth control you want to be on and they run it through an actual doctor for approval and they send you your birth control in the mail.   What are the Benefits of Nurx?   Auto Refills I suck at remembering to get my refills on time. I know… I know. It’s just something that I don’t think about until the morning that I take my last pill and then by the time…

  • top 30 shows to watch on amazon

    Top 30: TV Shows to Watch on Amazon

    I love Amazon Prime. Not only does it give me free shipping on thousands of products on Amazon’s website, but it also gives me access to thousands of TV shows, movies and music. Amazon Prime used to be $99/year. Now it’s $119/year and that price tag for Prime seemed a little too high for me and my budget. , They’ve recently added the option for month to month, which helps out on my budget rather than the one lump sum. The month to month option been a real pro for me deciding to keep Prime around.         That being said, I don’t know how many people are…

  • How To: Meal Prep When You’re Busy 26
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    How To: Meal Prep When You’re Busy

    I do this all the time… I have all these plans to eat great for the week and meal prep EVERYTHING! Only to get home on Sunday after hitting the grocery store and be too tired to move. I know we’ve all been there so I want to show you my tips and tricks to making your prepping sessions go as smooth as possible.   Remember the K.I.S.S. Method Keep It Simple Stupid   I know there are some awesome recipes on Pinterest, but if you’re in the kitchen for 4 hours making this meal…is it really worth it?? I’m going to go ahead and say you agree with me…

  • Nashville Festivals- Fall 2018 30

    Nashville Festivals- Fall 2018

    We all know that when it comes to Nashville, we pretty much have everything you could want to do in a city. Fall festivals are no exception! We have gathered all the Festivals in and around the Nashville area from August to November! 15th Tomato Art Fest Where: 1106 Woodland St, Nashville, Tennessee 37206 When: August 10-11 Price: Free   Located in Historic East Nashville Five Points, this FREE, costume-encouraged event provides a wildly entertaining, fun-filled day for all types and all-ages. This event welcomes everyone for a wacky day of art, music, food, contests, shopping, kids activities, and more! As we always say… “The Tomato. A uniter, not a…

  • August Goals 35

    August Goals

    Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go! August is here, meaning summer is over and it’s time to go back to work/school. (Don’t mind us, we are just crying over here) As much as we are going to miss sleeping in and having no “immediate” schedule, we are both ready to be back on a routine. These goals are a perfect way to get back into the swing of things! Getting Back into a Normal Schedule   Courtney and I are already back into the new school year, and it’s quite hard getting back into our normal schedules. Getting back into a routine is actually really good for me…