8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 1
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8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS

Living with PCOS can be challenging. There are so many things out there that say they’re the “magic cure” for PCOS. Newsflash..there isn’t a cure..as much as I wish there were. All we can do is manage our symptoms. Here are my 8 must haves for life with PCOS.


8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 2

Olly’s sleep gummies

8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 3

With PCOS it’s not a smart idea to underestimate your sleep. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is vital to your health. Olly’s sleep gummies are great. Take them within about 30 minutes of going to bed and you will get a great nights sleep!



8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 4

Keeping track of your periods is a big thing. You need to be able to let your doctors know how sporadic your periods actually are so they can properly document in your charts.


My Heating Pad

8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 5

This heating pad  will come in super handy when you are either having a super heavy period or you’re having a cyst rupture. It’s a microwavable heating pad that molds to wherever you need to place it. It has helped me out on several occasions and it’s well worth the money.


L Organic Tampons and Pads

8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 6

I’ve really only found these at Target and Amazon but they work extremely well. I’ve always had to use Kotex super plus tampons since I was about 16 but I can get away with L’s regular to super tampons*and have no problem. I say pads too because sometimes when I’m having a particularly bad period, tampons are just too painful. I keep these in my house at all times because my periods have no rhyme or reason!

*I linked to amazon but target has them for a lot cheaper*


Asana Maca Capsules

8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 7

Or honestly really any of their products…If you haven’t heard about Ladies Balance…you’re not living. They have tons of vitamins and supplements and they’re committed to making all natural supplements to help you with your feminine needs.


ASANA Beauty Bundle for Clear Skin & Hair Control

8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 8

It might seem a little pricey but it lasts me a while and if you suffer from hirsutism this is the bundle for you! It takes about a month for you to start to see results but you will see them!



8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 9

This app is a weight watchers ‘esque diet tracking tool. It gives you “points” for the day and you enter your food into the app and it keeps you on track with your diet.


Diffuser and Essential Oils

8 Must Haves for Living with PCOS 10

Having a diffuser and the necessary essential oils for helping with some of the symptoms of PCOS is completely necessary. I have a few of the essential oils I use for treating my symptoms in my Living with PCOS post.


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