How To: Personalize a Fitness Routine So It Doesn't Feel Like a Chore 1
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How To: Personalize a Fitness Routine So It Doesn’t Feel Like a Chore

It takes 21 days to make a habit. Just 3 little weeks. Then why does it seem that fitness goals never make it that far? I think it’s because it feels like a chore. Especially in this awful heat here in Tennessee. Something that we have to do, like laundry or the dishes. I think the key to sticking to a workout plan is tailoring it to yourself. Sit down and make an individualized plan that is unique to you. If you don’t then you are just sticking yourself with what worked for someone else. Ignore all the ads and buzz on Pinterest and Facebook. Here are my tips to make sure your workout is tailored to you.

How To: Personalize a Fitness Routine So It Doesn't Feel Like a Chore 2

Make a List


Make a list of the areas that you want to see improvement in. This will not only help you when browsing for workouts, it will help you get more acquainted with what you want from your fitness goals. Make sure you have about 10-15 workouts for each section so you can switch it up.




It’s always good to make long-term goals but it’s a lot smarter and healthier to make short-term goals too. Making unrealistic goals can make you waver pretty early on. I know this first hand. When I was younger, my mom would put these unrealistic goals on me. She would want me to lose 4-5 pounds a week. It didn’t matter to her that I was down a dress size. It was just about numbers to her. I think that this mindset is something that has stuck with me, as unhealthy as it is.


Use Your List to Choose Exercises


Take each section of your list and research exercises that will help you reach your goals. Once you have your exercises, modify them to your needs. By modifying your exercises, it makes sure that you don’t burn out or get injured. If you’re a beginner you’d need to modify any exercise to reflect that to ease you into fitness.


Make it Enjoyable


Make your workouts fun. If they’re fun, you’ll actually want to do them. Go to your favorite exercise class, swim at the local pool, walk your dog around your neighborhood, or go on a hike. Recruit a friend to join you for extra motivation and enjoyment! Check out our post on fitness apps that list some apps that are sure to make your workout more exciting. 


Take it Slow


Taking it slow isn’t to say that you do your exercises slowly. It’s saying to start out slow. I know you’re probably excited to start your new fitness routine, but if you’re not careful you can get injured or burn out. Both of these things can sway you against working out in the future. Try starting out 3 days a week. You can also incorporate walking or yoga on your off days so that you’re still staying active but not partaking in a full-on workout.


Don’t Make it About Numbers


Don’t weigh yourself everyday…maybe even not every week. Take other measurements instead. How do your clothes fit? How do you feel? Are you happier? Do you feel stronger? These are the measurements that matter the most. Not just the number on the scale.

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