How To: Plan the Best Road Trip 1
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How To: Plan the Best Road Trip

Ahhhhh, Summer… the time for windows down, hair up, music blasting, lots of laughing, and getting lost on road trips. Road Trips are the greatest. You have your friends with you and you have the ability to just be in the moments. So…how do you plan your road trips? I have a few tips and tricks to help you make your next road trip your best road trip!


Road Trip


Choose Your Destination


You can go anywhere. Pick your timeframe and then search for destinations that can get you there and back within that timeframe and then stick your heads together and choose your ultimate destination. Once you have your destination, you can choose where to stop in between.


Choose Your Stops


Once you’ve chosen where you want to go, you can then map your route. I like to use Roadtrippers when I’m planning to drive anywhere. You basically state where you’re leaving from and where you’re going and it gives you different routes and some awesome places to stop in between.


Set a Budget…and Stick to it


It might seem silly but I’ve gone way over budget on a road trip. Between food, gas, and souvenirs… I’ve spent way more than I wanted. Get together with your group and work out your travel budget. Trust me…I’ve been on the end of paying way more than my fellow road trippers because we didn’t have a budget. Then each of you makes your own budget for knick-knacks and individual purchases.


Make an Awesome Playlist


You can’t have a road trip without an awesome playlist. Playlists are the glue of the road trip. The key to having an awesome road trip playlist is variety. I’m talking oldies all the way to brand new music. Make this playlist with your road trip buddies so that there’s something for everyone!




Lots and lots of snacks…the end. Just kidding. Having snacks stops you from eating a ton of fast food. Fast food can make you feel sluggish and you need to be on your A game for your road trip…especially if it’s your turn to drive.


Eat Local


Don’t be afraid to ask a local to recommend a restaurant. I’ve eaten at some pretty awesome dives all because I asked a local. Eating local has a lot more appeal to me than just eating a chain restaurant or getting something from a drive-thru window. It’s usually way cheaper and you’re also supporting the people of the towns you’re visiting.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Lost


Some of the best road trip memories I have are those when we got completely and utterly lost. I mean we were lost to the point where I had no cell service and the GPS wouldn’t even pick up. Getting lost can turn into the pinnacle of your trip. I have never laughed harder than when my sister and I got lost and she almost fell into a river and had to use the jankiest outhouse I’ve ever seen. My aunt used to say, “You are never truly lost. All you have to do is turn around and go back the way you came.”


How To: Plan the Best Road Trip 2


Road trips are the best way to see your country and I hope these go to’s for road tripping to help you plan your next road trip!

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