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June Goals

June is here so it is officially finally summer! Let the party commence! Time for beach days, campfires, and movie nights! Being educators we are always excited for summer break. It’s time for us to recuperate and relax before the next school year comes around. That being said, we wanted to bring you our goals for June!


Eat Better

Chelsey: During the summer months, my family and I like to visit the Mennonite community. They’re located about two hours from Nashville and they offer all sorts of fruits and vegetables as well as baked goods and molasses. We like going to the Mennonites because we know what we are buying and exactly where it’s coming from. We can get an entire paper box full of veggies for around $10 which in turn leads to all of us eating healthier.

Courtney: With being back with my family and going back to my hometowns this summer, it is hard to not go out to eat all the time. I want to visit my favorite spots and eating healthy usually goes out the window. I am going to try to be more conscious though in regards to what I am eating when I do go out to restaurants. Hopefully, there will be healthy home-cooked meals in my future as well.

Read More

Chelsey: Now that it’s summer, I have a bit more time to read. I have an entire bookshelf full of books that haven’t been touched. I’ll more than likely hit the pool (or beach) and try to read my way through my entire bookshelf.

Courtney: I am so excited for summer because it means I can finally read all the books that I couldn’t while working. Although I usually buy a ton at the same time so it kinda becomes a wash…. Oh well, I still enjoy it nonetheless.

Plan Our Trip To The Beach

Chelsey: We are heading to the beach at the end of the month. I try to get our trip on a strict budget even though it’s in the middle of the high peak season. I’m planning to share with you guys how exactly I can afford to go to the beach during the middle of summer!

Courtney: Every summer I go home to Michigan and visit family and friends. Thankfully I don’t have to really “plan” much since I just stay with people but I do need to make plans to see everyone. Sometimes it tough to get everyone in a short amount of time but I hope that I am successful!

Build a Portable Projector Screen

I bought a projector from Amazon a few months back when it was one of their lightning deals. I paid about $45 for it and it has been a $45 well spent. Now that it’s summer we like to sit on our deck and watch movies. I’m researching how to build an inexpensive and portable projector screen so that we can watch movies while we are in the pool or even when we go to the beach!


After a very stressful year, I can’t wait to just relax with my family. I don’t care if it’s at home or at the beach (although the beach is probably the first choice). Having that time helps my mental health when I get back home and go back to work!

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