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Stardust Drive-In

Living in Tennessee definitely has its perks, but one of my all time favorites is The Stardust Drive-In. With only 321 drive-ins left in the US, we are extremely lucky to have a one to call our own. During the “Drive-in Season” we frequent Stardust a lot! Although we have moviepasses which allow us to see unlimited amounts of movies per month (with some stipulations), I don’t mind paying to visit Stardust. It’s a local business, you get to see 2 movies, the concessions are super cheap, and the owner and staff are always extremely nice and welcoming.

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Stardust Drive-In is located in Watertown, which is about 45 minutes outside Nashville. It’s totally worth the drive if you’re visiting, just for the experience alone! They’re typically open only on weekends, but with Memorial Day just behind us, that marks Stardust being open 7 days a week until Labor Day. They have 2 screens on the premises, so you have your choice between the two screens.  Stardust is very family friendly and they typically have kids movies playing when they’re in theaters. They also have themed events every so often, like retro weekend, pajama nights, and concert screenings. Last year they paired The Addams Family and Casper together for Halloween, and everyone brought candy so all the kids could trunk or treat.


Admission for Stardust Drive-In is super cheap for what you get. You get to see 2 movies for the price of about half the price of a regular ticket for one movie around here.

The admission rates are:

12 and over: $8.50

6-11: $5.00

5 and under are always free

You definitely want to get there early so that you can guarantee yourself a spot. Now I don’t mean like 15-20 minutes early. The box office opens at 6:30 and sometimes we will get there at 4:00 if it’s a big movie that is expected to have a big turnout.


Stardust has an awesome concessions menu. They are extremely reasonably priced for the amount of food you get (unlike every theater everywhere else). Concessions is where Stardust makes most of its profit, because large percentage of ticket sales goes back to the film studios. They do offer a food and beverage permit for $6.00 that you can purchase and bring your own outside food and drink in.  I’ve put their full menu below for you to look at all their delicious options.

Stardust Drive-In 3
Note: They do NOT allow alcohol on the property.

Directions to Stardust Drive-In

The Physical address for the drive-in is 310 Purple Tiger Drive Watertown, TN. 31784 but GPS doesn’t recognize that address so if you’re using a GPS type in 201 Tennessee Blvd. Watertown TN. 31784.

If you like to kick it old school…

From Nashville take interstate 40 East to Exit 239A (Watertown)

At the end of the ramp merge onto HWY 70 East

Continue down HWY 70 for about 9 miles until you reach the Watertown City Limits

You’ll see a sign on the right that says Welcome to Watertown and then directly past that on the left is Main St. It’s right in front of a Storage Rental Place.

Right as you turn onto Main St. you’ll see the sign for Stardust Drive-In and you’ll turn on the road right in front of the sign. It’s Tennessee Blvd.

Take Tennessee Blvd. down about 150 ft and you’ll see Stardust Drive-In on the right.

What I Typically Bring With Me

If it’s a nice summer or fall night, I’ll bring an FM radio and a blanket or chairs to sit outside…



FM Radio:

Don’t forget your C batteries

Bug Spray:

OH! If you have a truck…you can turn the bed into a literal bed…

I’ve brought a full size air mattress with me before, and put it in the bed of our truck and we sat on it and watched movies under the starlight.

Air Mattress:

As always though…if the weather is iffy or it’s just too hot…I’ll stay in my car and enjoy the movie!

Stardust Drive-In 4

Oh, and if you were wondering about Stardust and the weather…don’t…they’re open “rain or starshine”. I’ve been going to Stardust since I was a teen and I really hope that it will be a staple in our community for several more generations to come, because in my opinion…it’s really the only way to see a movie.

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