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How to Meal Plan and Shop with PCOS

Living with PCOS can be difficult on most days. Then putting on the added stress of healthy living can bring your cortisone levels out of whack. Here in America, healthy living and healthy eating can be crazy expensive. I’ve learned hacks to stay on track and keep eating healthy affordable.

How to Meal Plan and Shop with PCOS 2

Make a Plan

Making a plan before you go in is about 90% of cutting cost issues. I’ll go to the store and not have a list of what I need and I will spend way more than I need to. Even having a list sometimes will cause me to spend more IF I haven’t looked at the weekly ads and planned accordingly.


Shop the Weekly Ads

Shopping the weekly ad, makes sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. Kroger and Aldi around our parts will run chicken on sale around every 3 weeks. In between then they will have different meat on sale. 2 weeks ago, I got boston butts for $0.49 per pound and I got 3. I stock up if I can when It’s on sale. I will freeze what I don’t need for the week. Sometimes I will go to a different store 2 or 3 times to get what I need on sale.  


Shop Seasonally

Shopping for fruits and vegetables when they’re in season is when you’ll find they’re at their cheapest. Recently I’ve been getting asparagus for 99 cents a pound, when it’s typically not under $2.50-$3.00 per pound. I also visit the mennonites during the summer and stock up on veggies there. If you aren’t sure whether you have an amish or mennonite community near you. Ask! Our closest mennonite community is about an hour away. When I go I can get a bank box full of green beans for about $5.00-$6.00. When in season you can get a grocery bag full of squash or zucchini for $2.00. Shopping seasonally is always best. If you can spare the cost…when these items are on sale stock up. Green beans freeze well, as does okra, squash, zucchini, bell peppers. Cheese even freezes well when done right!


Stick to the Outer Edges of the Store

Sticking to the outer edges of the store, typically means you miss all the junk. The only thing I will go in the center of the store for is canned food and my low carb tortillas.


If You Have an Aldi…USE IT!!

I’m not joking… if you have one…use it. The difference in my  grocery bill between other stores and Aldi is about $50-$100. They have their own store brands that are actually name brands in Europe. I know people who will only shop name brands and their bill is astronomical. Get this too…Aldi uses zero artificial colors in anything that they make or carry. Take note though… You do have to have a quarter to use the shopping cart (don’t worry…you get it back). They do this in order to keep their costs down on the consumers.


Using Coupons

There aren’t typically coupons for what we need for the PCOS lifestyle, but if you sign up for a loyalty card with Kroger they send coupons all the time. A week ago I got $5 off of a $15 purchase from the meat department, $1.50 off 2 silk almond milks (that were already on sale for 2/$4) and a $3 off $10 in the produce section. They can send me personalized coupons because they track what I buy frequently. Kroger also has coupons within their app that I can automatically load to my Kroger Plus Card. Even Target has their Cartwheel app that you can use to scan the items in your cart and see if they have an additional coupon. I’ve gotten meat on sale tons of times just by checking cartwheel.


Shop Around

My grandmother is bad about this. She has her little store that she loves to go to and that’s the only place she will go. This “little store” has about a 20% markup and it costs her so much. I will get all the weekly ads and then make a list on what I can get where and for what price… I know it seems like a lot and sometimes it is but I typically will shop on a Friday night when everyone else is out and about. Wednesday’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s are nuts when it comes to grocery shopping around here.

How to Meal Plan and Shop with PCOS 3

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