15 Must Have Items You Need When Traveling With Your Dog 1

15 Must Have Items You Need When Traveling With Your Dog

If I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, I love to travel with my dog! She is an awesome road dog and great company. It also saves me money on boarding when I take her on trips with me. Packing for her can sometimes be challenging though and I always seem to forget something. So I’ve put together this list of the 15 things your need when traveling with your dog. Hopefully it will help you on your next adventure!

1. Collar and Leash

Dog collar and leash

This seems like a duh thing but I recommend bringing an extra set. Just in case your dogs collar or leash breaks. There was one time that I let CeCe go into the water on the beach and her leash didn’t work for a few days after. Was so lucky I had a spare on hand!

2. Water Bottle

Highwave Water Bottle

I bought this Travel Water Drink Bottle Bowl and it has been a lifesaver! Before I had a fabric bowl that I would put water in and half the time CeCe wouldn’t drink it. This water bottle is awesome because you control how much goes in and the left over water just goes back into the bottle. So awesome!!

3. Seat belt

Car Seat Belt

This is amazing! I bought this seat belt online for really cheap and use it all the time! When we are just running up to the store I don’t put it on her and she just jumps around the whole car. This stops her from roaming too far and distracting me while I drive

4. Food

Food container

I separate CeCe’s food by each meal when we are only going for a few days. For a longer trip, I’ll bring her food container (I use a cereal container for her food).

5. Bowls

Food bowls

Some hotels provide bowls for your dog but many do not. Either way, make sure they are clean and easily portable.

6. Crate

Pet crate

It is the safest thing for your dog to travel in! Make sure it is big enough so that your dog has room to get up and move a bit. Plus, bringing your crate gives your dog a safe space in your hotel room.

7. Dog Bed

15 Must Have Items You Need When Traveling With Your Dog 2

Whenever I take CeCe on a trip with me, I always bring her dog bed. She will usually sleep in it on the car ride and then she has someplace to sleep at our destination (although she usually just sleeps on the bed).

8. Favorite Toys

15 Must Have Items You Need When Traveling With Your Dog 3

CeCe is obsessed with tennis balls. I always bring one of her quieter toys to throw around the hotel room. Hopefully you are able to find a dog park to play in while out of town. Great way to get your dog’s energy out and doesn’t destroy the hotel room.

9. Boredom Busters

Bully Sticks

Before going on a trip I buy some bully sticks or all natural bones. That way, if left alone, your dog has something to engage with while you are gone. If I am going to visit family, I bring some Kong’s and peanut butter to put in the freezer. It’s a great, healthy, and cheap way to keep your dog busy.

10. Treats

Training treats

I love to use training treats with CeCe. They are small so not a lot of calories (if you keep track of that for your pup). Plus it doesn’t take long for your dog to eat them so you can continue walking, shopping, eating, or talking with friends.

11. Treat Bag

treat bag

When I started taking CeCe to training, I bought a treat bag to put all her training treats in. One of the best things I’ve ever bought. I bought one that hooks right to the waist of your pants but recently ordered one that goes around your waist. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it out!

12. Poop Bags (and extras)

Poop bags

You can never have enough poop bags! I always bring 2 or 3 extra rolls just in case I lose one. (You never know!) The dollar store has some but the best deals I’ve found were on Groupon (thanks dad). I got 1,000 bags for under $14, it was like I won the lottery. 

13. Towel(s)

Dog towelWet Wipes

I always forget towels when I actually need one! So I now just keep one in my car all the time. Despite yelling at CeCe not to dig in the dirt or go in a mud pile, it never seems to stop her. Having towels and/or wet wipes help to keep her and my car a little cleaner!

14. Backseat Barrier

Dog coverDog barrier

I bought a backseat barrier to get CeCe not to jump around the car as much (she does this when she gets really excited). It stopped her from jumping around the car but it didn’t keep her in the back because she was able to put her front paws over the barrier since it was bendable. The ones that cover the seat might work better and would help to protect your seat from hair, dirt, and/or mud.

15. Vaccination Records

I always have a copy of CeCe’s records with me when I travel. I also make sure that her rabies tag is secure to her collar. Most places don’t ask but I always want to be prepared. There was one time that we were traveling and instead of locking her in a crate all day at our AirBnb, I found a daycare that was close. Having those with me really came in handy!

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