April Goals

It’s hard to believe that it’s April! We educators here in Tennessee have 2 long months before summer break ensues. For our monthly goals post, we are going to recap how last months goals went and then share our goals for the upcoming month. Hopefully, next months goals will be accomplished better than this months… 😀 Let’s get to it then!

March Goals Review

Read 5 books

Courtney: I did read 5 books but only 4 of them were on our March book buzz list. I started to read A Wrinkle In Time but just couldn’t get into it so I switched books.

Chelsey: I have two modes. I either read 100 books a month or I don’t read at all for 6 months. There is no in between for me haha. That being said… I kind of failed this goal. I read 3 of my 5 books. I just really couldn’t get into one of them and I’m just starting the other. It was just so hard for me to get into the reading mood.

Start spring cleaning & Stay Organized

Courtney: This one I accomplished! I went through all my dresser drawers and my closet. I tried on everything and put them into piles to donate or sell. It felt so good!

Chelsey: I mastered this one…sort of… I did have to make myself stop to clean and organize everything once every few days instead of taking a little time each day to do it. It’s really hard too when you have a toddler running in and out leaving half her life in her wake when she leaves.

Meal prep & Eat Healthier:

Courtney: I tried so hard with this goal! I cooked chicken and bought healthy food but with my mom in town, it was difficult to not go out to her favorite restaurants.

Chelsey: I really did do this one well. It’s just easier for me on a Sunday to prep all my lunches for the week. Now dinner is where I seem to fall apart. I’m tired when I get home and I don’t want to deal with anything so I’ve started using my pansavers to compile all my ingredients together the night before and either put it in the crockpot or have it ready to go when I get home!

Start Exercising Regularly

Chelsey: FAILED! I’m in the process of moving the treadmill into my space and I just bought what I needed to start this workout program I purchased a while back. I’ve also been tossing up getting a Planet Fitness membership but I’m not too sure about it.

Courtney: So I totally failed at this goal. I am not going to lie, I was very nervous after my foot injury to put any strain on it. My mom and I did take a mini vacation and did a lot of walking so I know that I can do it, just gotta find the motivation again!

April Goals

Read 4 books

Courtney: There are so many books on my to-read list. I have at least 2 books that I pre-ordered that come out this month. So excited!

Chelsey: I honestly have so many books on my bookshelves that I’ve ordered but haven’t gotten a chance to read yet…I think I’m going to browse my shelves and pick some books from there! Although…my favorite author has a book coming out this month and I may have to go buy that one!

Go to More Social Events

Chelsey: I’m really bad about not going out and socializing. It’s hard for me to go and do things with people. Especially those months right after winter. It’s hard for me to break a routine, but this month I have some social events planned that I’m actually really excited for!

Courtney: I have always thought that I am a pretty social person. However, I have learned this past week that I spend a lot of time by myself. Not that it is a bad thing but I want to step outside my comfort zone and invite people to do more things with me instead of doing it on my own.

Work out at least 2X per week

Courtney: So I’ve decided to start out slow and work up to more intense workouts. With the nicer weather, walking my dog is ideal but I hope to go to some Zumba classes as well.

Chelsey: I’ve broken out my bodyboss book. It’s a 3x a week program and you supplement the other days with walking or yoga of some sort.

Work on Affiliate Programs

We do a lot of research on who we want to work with and what products we want to promote. This month we want to focus on gathering some really great affiliates (or partners if you will) to bring you guys some awesome stuff!

Now it’s your turn! What your goals are for this month?


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