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March Book Reviews

Earlier this month we wrote March Book Buzz. Here are our reviews for the books we read!!

A Discovery Of Witches By Deborah Harkness

March Book Reviews 2

I loved this book! I was hooked by the first page and couldn’t put it down. If you know me at all, you know I love anything to do with England. This book had many different settings (including France and USA) but also Oxford. It was awesome to read about some of the places I hope to visit soon!

I would characterize this book as supernatural or syfy romance just because it has vampires, witches, and demons as its characters. There is an ancient enchanted book, Ashmole 782, that hasn’t been seen for many decades. Diane (a witch) stumbles across this book in the library where she is doing her research on alchemical. Diane doesn’t want to be a witch so she doesn’t like to use her powers but has to during this one particular moment to get a book down from a shelf. Matthew Clairmont ( a vampire) is there to witness and the two become entangled in each other’s lives. As the search for Ashmole 782 gets underway, Diane must accept who she is and come to grips with the attraction that she and Matthew have despite the different species.

I would totally recommend this book to everyone! I couldn’t wait to finish the first book to continue on with the series. While most people might think it sounds too much like Twilight, I have to say I don’t think it is anything like it. I have to admit that I did like Twilight when it first came out though.

A Cuckoo’s Calling By Robert Galbraith

March Book Reviews 3

This may sound weird because I’ve heard such good things about this book and I was honestly so excited to read it, but it took me a while to really get interested. I’m not going to lie, I have been trying to get through this book for a few years now. I decided to put the book on my reading list for this month as a motivator to actually finish! Before March, I had only gotten as far as chapter 9 in part 2.

So I ended up renting the audiobook (and the kindle version) from the library so I could easily read it from my phone. For those of you who don’t rent your Kindle books or audiobooks from the library, you really should look into it! I have saved so much money! Anyways, so I had all forms covered to finish this book.

I feel like it didn’t really get “good” until Part 4. That was over 50% of the way through the book. It was a real struggle up till then. The end was awesome though! I thought I knew who the detective suspected but I was totally wrong! I wouldn’t say it kept me on my toes or anything but towards the end, I couldn’t wait to see what was actually going to happen.

All in all, I would recommend this book to those who like the details of a story. Those who like murder-mystery and trying to figure out who the killer is before the authors reveal will like this book. I plan on continuing to read the series to see if it takes me just as long to get interested.

On Hart’s Boardwalk By Samantha Young

March Book Reviews 4

Samantha Young is one of my favorite authors! This book crosses 2 of her series; On Dublin Street and Hart’s Boardwalk. I was so excited when she made the announcement about this new book. I have loved every character she has ever written and this book was no exception!

Nate and Liv have been together for 14 years and married for 10. Things have started to become mundane and Liv feels disconnected from Nate. A surprise birthday/anniversary trip brings them to Hartwell for 10 whole days without their 2 daughters. The next chapters take us on a journey of self-discovery and the lengths we go to keep love.

This was novella so it was a very fast read. I loved reading about my favorite characters as well as the rest of the family that I feel could be my own. Samantha Young’s books have a way of connecting the character to the reader, so much that sometimes I forget it is not my life I am reading. I recommend her to anyone who likes romance!

Charming Hannah By Kristen Proby

March Book Reviews 5

It was a very fast read for me. I honestly think it only took me 2 days (and that was 2 work days). It wasn’t the best book that I have read by this author but it was cute. I read this after finishing the Cuckoo’s Calling and could tell the different writing styles and storylines. While I felt like the Cuckoo’s Calling took too long for me to get into, this one jumped right into the story without giving me any background.

In the Prelog, we learn that Hannah and Brad are at some house party and have an attraction for one another. Hannah is an OBGYN at the local hospital and Brad is a cop (who becomes sheriff later). They stumble upon an accident and end up at the hospital because Hannah feels like they are “hers” after helping them earlier. Her friend Dave (who is also a doctor) runs and embraces Hannah because he thought she was in the accident, because of this embrace Brad thinks they are together. Apparently, nothing else happens until 3 years later….

3 YEARS YALL!! I don’t know about you all but in a small town, I don’t understand how you can go 3 years thinking Hannah and Brad are dating when they are really friends. If you really like someone and have the chemistry they say they do, I would be all up in that person’s life and would know if they were dating someone or not.

There were obvious glossing over of the plot but all in all, it was a cute book to read when you need a break from the “heavy stuff”! Overall, I would recommend this book to those who like romance that is a quick read.

The House Between Tides by Sarah Maine

March Book Reviews 6

Scotland, castles, and human remain… what more do you need for a great book? And great this book is! It’s really hard to believe that it’s the first attempt from author Sarah Maine. She had me hooked and I would stay up all hours reading this book. It’s a must read!

Staying at Daisy’s by Jill Mansell

March Book Reviews 7

This book is so much fun! Not to mention Jill Mansell is one of my favorite authors! Between Daisy, who has sworn off men after her husband dies in a car accident with his mistress and Dev who is a cocky “sports god” I did not stop laughing this entire book! You have been warned…you will laugh out loud and sound completely off your rocker if you read this in public!

Inheriting Edith by Zoe Fishman

March Book Reviews 8

I wanted to love this book so much! Don’t get me wrong… I DID love it for a spell and it was really well written, but there just wasn’t any real depth there. I didn’t feel as though I really got to know any of the characters. Then she ended the book so abruptly! I mean really weird ending… It just stopped…there were loose ends everywhere! I’m really sad to say that this book just didn’t make the cut for me.

Helium by Rudy Francisco

March Book Reviews 9

Y’all!! This book is awesome! I managed to snag a signed copy when I ordered it off of Button Poetry. I learned about Rudy Francisco when I saw a video of him performing “Complainers”. He’s so amazing and this short book is really worth the read.


  • ShootingStarsMag

    I’m glad that The Cuckoo’s Calling got better for you. I really love that series, and I’m SO excited that the fourth book is finished – no idea when it’s coming out though. LOL I think my favorite, so far, is the third. 🙂 I haven’t read A Discovery of Witches but that’s awesome you loved it so much.


    • admin

      I’m going to give the second one in the series a chance too. Hopefully it’s a faster read than the first! You are making me want to skip it though and go to the third!

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