How to make it a great Easter 9

How to make it a great Easter

The Easter holiday is upon us and while neither Chelsey nor I have kids (Chelsey has an adorable niece) we try to make each holiday as fun and memorable as possible. Holidays can be very stressful though so here are some things you can do to make Easter more fun!

Have an Easter egg hunt!

Scatter those colorful plastic eggs around your yard and let the kids go to town! Even if you don’t have kids, you could fill the eggs up with fun adult items to find. Don’t let the weather stop the fun either. You could place them around your house and under/around furniture for your friends or kids to find!

Last year, I took my dog to her own Easter egg hunt. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take her this year but was so much fun to watch her sniff for the best treats.

Dog with Easter basket

Make Easter cookies

We made these Easter cookies using cookie cutters we got from the Target dollar section! They’re super cute and we had a blast making them. Making cookies is a great way to bond with the younger kids in your family especially on a holiday when they’re more than likely all hopped up on sugar! They have an awesome time and you get to really connect with them. We tend to do this every year around Christmas, with all the kiddos in my family, and it’s a big hit..even among the teenagers!

Wear a great Easter dress

I love shopping for an Easter dress. Any excuse to go shopping really. The stores have so many great options you can’t really go wrong. We have put together some great finds for you to look fantastic no matter what your plans are!

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Spend the day with family and/or friends

I live away from my family and with my work schedule, I often cannot return home for the holidays. Luckily, I have friends near me who I consider my family (my mom comes to visit a lot too). Surrounding ourselves with people who love and support us is always a fun and can make a typical mundane holiday, extra special!

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We want to hear from you! Do you have any Easter traditions?


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