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Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is upon us. WAHOO!!! Well, wahoo for all you teachers and kids that actually get to enjoy the time off. Whether you have a spring break or not, we put together a list of must-haves for the warmer weather. I am sure we are all ready for it! Here is a list of some of our spring break essentials!

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Bathing Suit

You can never go to the beach without a bathing suit! There are so many cute suits out on the market. Make sure to pack several because you never know which one you will want to wear!

Awesome Shades

Forgot those $1 shades and get a pair that you can wear for years to come. You want to make sure they are Polarized UV protected to save your eyes some serious damage.


Denim is still in so keep those shorts handy for spring break! You can dress them up or dress them down! You could even wear them as a cover-up for the beach.

Casual Tops

Wherever you end up, I’m sure a dinner is in your future.


Sundresses are perfect to throw on for going out to dinner or shop around the town. So many different styles are out there now; maxi, midi, and short.


If you are like me and don’t feel 100% confident all the time in a bathing suit, invest in an awesome cover-up. One that you feel great in and looks/fits right. Now you can walk into town or down the beach and own it!


It is always fun to hit the town on spring break (as long as you are safe about it)! Bring a night-outfit that gets your strutting down the streets like it is your personal runway. Make sure it is comfortable too, nothing makes you want to go home sooner than an outfit that is uncomfortable.


Make sure you bring beach shoes and shoes for your night-outfit. Hopefully, your beach sandals are comfy enough you can wear them when you are walking around town as well. I always bring way too many shoes and end up only wearing 2 or 3 pairs.


Whether you are driving or flying, you want to be comfortable on the commute without skimping on the fashion.

Beach Towel

Circle beach towels are all the rage now. They are so cute! The old-school towels still work well if you would rather save your money come trip time!

Beach reads

You can’t forget your book when at the beach! Here are the books we are reading for March! Check back at the beginning of April for what we will be reading next!



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