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Indoor Rainy Day Activities For Your Dog

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The winter and spring seasons can get so tough when you have a dog! It is constantly wet outside and all your dog wants to do is go out and play. So what do you do on the days when going to the dog park (or playing in your backyard if you have one) is not an option? Keeping them entertained and engaged is key to make sure they don’t tear up your house! Here are some activities for your dog when going for a walk or the dog park are not available.


CeCe is ball obsessed! I mean, obsessed. She will even sleep with her tennis balls next to her, it’s crazy. I’m lucky enough to have a private stairway up to my apartment so there are times that I will sit in my living room and literally just throw the ball down the stairs. This is actually her favorite activity in the whole world. When she gets too tired, she will just flop down on the kitchen tile until she is ready for another round. If that’s not an option however, there is this product called ifetch that is awesome! It will literally throw the ball for you and will keep your dog entertained for hours!

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Kongs are the best! There are so many different sizes and even durability. My destructible dog hasn’t been able to tear hers apart yet! These are awesome because you can put treats inside and make it a game. Also, there are many dog-friendly foods you can freeze inside. This provides even more entertainment and excitement for your pup. These foods include:

  • Peanut butter
  • Yogurt
  • Store bought Kong Filler
  • Broth (Chicken or Vegetable)

I always keep 2 or 3 kongs in my freezer for CeCe. Sometimes i will even hide treats inside with frozen peanut butter for an extra challenge!

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Teach A New Trick

Training your dog to perform new tricks like high-fives or lying down is great mental exercise. Here is an awesome list of 52 tricks you can teach your dog

One awesome trick to teach your dog is to “clean up” his own toys. You read that right, you can teach your dog to clean up! First you want to figure out what word or phrase you will associate with the activity. I use “clean up” with CeCe but you can use whatever makes most sense to you. Next, work on teaching your dog to pick up, carry, and then drop the toy in the basket. When I first started teaching CeCe, I used the toys that she knew the names of and would sit right next to the basket. When she dropped a toy in the basket, I would put a treat inside as a reward. As your dog gets better at this activity, make it harder by scattering more toys around the room, putting them in different rooms, or even hiding them!

Hide And Seek

You are probably thinking “hide and seek? With my dog?” YES! I play this all the time with CeCe. And while my apartment doesn’t allow many places to hide, we have a blast! This game allows your dog to use all of their senses to find their favorite person. When they do find you, make a big deal on how brilliant they are to find you!

You can also hide treats around your house and have your dog seek them out. This is awesome because you can make it as easy or difficult as you want. I recommend you start out easy and put the treats in plain sight. As your dog gets the hang of the game, gradually make it more difficult. This is a great activity to keep his or her brain and body engaged!

The Muffin-Tin Game

This is a very easy activity to do with your dog! Using a muffin tin, put treats in about half of the spaces and put a tennis ball on top of every opening. Your dog will have to sniff around to find the treats and nudge the balls out of the way. Once your dog gets the hang of it, you can upgrade to more treats and a bigger muffin-tins!

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Interactive And Puzzle Dog Toys

There are lot of puzzle toys you can use with your dog to give them more mental stimulation. You could even use food dispensing toys. Some good ones on the marked include Indoor Rainy Day Activities For Your Dog 17


Interactive dog toys are a great way to keep your dog occupied and mentally stimulated.


Whatever you decide to do on a cold or rainy day, make sure it’s fun for you and your pup! Now it’s your turn. Write a comment below with what do you like to do with your dog on a rainy day!

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