• Toxic Relationships in Your Family 1

    Toxic Relationships in Your Family

    Toxic relationships can seem almost impossible to separate yourself from whether it be a friendship or a relationship. One of the hardest toxic relationships to let go from is a familial one. Why? In most cultures we are taught that family is everything. Your family is your foundation. They are the people you grew up with. They’re who is there for you no matter what. So you start thinking that there must be something wrong with YOU. That YOU must be the underlying issue. My sister and I have talked about this a lot. We come from a highly toxic family, and it has taken the death of our father…

  • Toxic Relationships

    Toxic Relationships: How to Spot Them and What You Can Do to Distance Yourself From Them

    Toxic relationships can happen in any form of relationship. It can happen with friends, with lovers, even with family. We all have them at some point in our lives! Those relationships where you wonder why you are with (or hang out with) that person/people. If you are anything like me, you are a people pleaser. Meaning that you want people to like you and become nervous or anxious when they don’t (or it is perceived that they don’t). Continually taking a step back from a situation helps you to re-assess if it deserves that much thought/ worry. I was once told I was “too sensitive” when I told my friend…