• July Goals 4

    July Goals

    July is upon us! Independence day parties will commence and the end of summer will be here before you know it (although I don’t like to think about that at all). Chelsey and I have one more month until another school year begins. I plan to make the most of the end of my summer. I felt like last month I was able to accomplish most of my goals (I definitely relaxed) so I look forward to another month of progress.     Work on our Instagram account   Posting to Instagram was really difficult the past few months. With the end of the school year and traveling to see…

  • May goals

    May Goals

    Chelsey and I (along with many other teachers I am sure) are counting down the days until the end of school. May 1st marks one more month till summer vacation! This year has flown by fast with this last month feeling like forever with all of our testing! It feels like our April goals got pushed WAY back with all the stress of work. We haven’t listed many goals for May due to the crazy end-of-year madness but we made sure they were ones that would benefit the blog long term. April Goals Review Read 4 books Courtney: I only read 3 books instead of 2. I honestly don’t know…

  • Flowers

    April Goals

    It’s hard to believe that it’s April! We educators here in Tennessee have 2 long months before summer break ensues. For our monthly goals post, we are going to recap how last months goals went and then share our goals for the upcoming month. Hopefully, next months goals will be accomplished better than this months… 😀 Let’s get to it then! March Goals Review Read 5 books Courtney: I did read 5 books but only 4 of them were on our March book buzz list. I started to read A Wrinkle In Time but just couldn’t get into it so I switched books. Chelsey: I have two modes. I either…

  • How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals 14

    How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

    Every January 1st, I  like to make new year resolutions. And it seems like every year I  break them after a few weeks. Why bother making them if we don’t follow through? This year I had an awesome plan to accomplish my goals. I was determined to succeed because the end result would feel so good! Well, I started off on the right track and then I hurt my foot. It’s been almost a month and I haven’t been able to work out. I convinced myself that because I couldn’t do one of my goals why bother putting in the effort for the others. That’s going to change starting this…