What Is PCOS and Why Does it Affect So Many Women? 1

What Is PCOS and Why Does it Affect So Many Women?

We here at XOXO, CB have touched a little on PCOS and how it affects one of our founders daily life, however we haven’t delved into what PCOS is and how it affects the 1 in 10 women that are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. We are starting a series that is just over PCOS. We’re going to cover the symptoms, struggles, and even the products we like to use to help combat the PCOS struggle. Today we’re talking a little about what PCOS is and why it affects so many women. 


What is PCOS?


 PCOS is a condition that affects women’s hormone levels and reproductive systems. It affects 1 in 10 women, yet there isn’t a cure or even a set medicine regimen. Doctors throw ten different meds to combat 10 different symptoms and the medicines can cause two or three more symptoms that need even more meds to try to alleviate. As a woman living with PCOS, I can tell you that we’re fed up. 


Symptoms of PCOS


The symptoms of PCOS aren’t set in stone which makes it hard for the diagnosis to be 100% conclusive. Every woman could have all of the symptoms or they could only have one or two. Either way the symptoms of PCOS are far reaching and relentless. I’ll touch on these symptoms more in detail in some of our upcoming posts so I can really delve into everything and make sure everything gets covered in full.


Weight Gain


Hormonal Imbalance


Insulin Resistance




Irregular Periods


Menorrhagia (Heavy Bleeding)


Male Pattern Baldness


Skin Darkening






Ovarian Cysts




Exaggerated PMS Symptoms


Why Does PCOS Affect So Many Women


Like I’ve stated previously PCOS affects 1 in 10 women. Why? There isn’t a definitive answer to this, but here’s our take on why PCOS affects so many women.


Hormones and Antibiotics in Our Meat


We are taking in the hormones that were already in the living animals that we’re consuming, but add into that the growth hormones that the animals are given to make them bigger, quicker and you’ve got all these added hormones that are wreaking havoc on your body. Then the animals are given antibiotics that can seriously do some harm to your well being. 


Antibiotics in our Drinking Water


A lot of people don’t properly dispose of their antibiotics or other medications. The go to when getting rid of meds for most people is to flush them down the toilet. This just carries those medications back into the water system, where they dissolve and aren’t filtered.


Pesticides in our Land and Consequently in Our Fruits and Vegetables


I know I sound like a crazy person, but our lands are toxic. With years of pesticides used to treat fruits and vegetables, you know that stuff has soaked into the ground. It’s 100% toxic and you can’t tell me that it doesn’t mess with our central nervous systems in one way or another. 


Unknown Additives in Our Foods 


With the FDA letting companies get by with stating “natural flavors” or “added flavors” onto a nutrition label, it’s no wonder that no one truly knows what goes into our foods. They can omit whatever additives they want to and just file it under natural or added flavors.


Processed Foods

All our food in the US is so overly processed it’s ridiculous. Then you add processed foods being so much cheaper than healthy foods. It’s no wonder that we’re in the epidemic that we’re in. When you can go to the store and buy a ton of processed foods for a fraction of the price that you would be able to get healthy alternatives, I’d say we have a major problem in our society.


What Is PCOS and Why Does it Affect So Many Women? 2

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