6 Fun Holiday Traditions 1

6 Fun Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions can be so much fun. Getting together with family and friends can be really good for your soul. Here are 6 holiday traditions that you can start this year to make your holidays a little more fun and festive!

6 Fun Holiday Traditions 2

Cookie Party

I want to do this one so bad! Everyone brings ingredients and recipes and you just bake cookies! I love to do this with the kids and have them come over and bake cookies with us.

Gaming Party

We’re doing this this year. You have everyone bring a console (if they want to) or just have a few people bring a console and then have everyone bring their favorite games and have everyone set up in different rooms and play! This is fun and it keeps everyone from gathering in one small space. They can spread out and have some fun gaming!

Board Game Party

This one is fun for everyone. Have everyone bring their favorite games (kids included) and have everyone play what they want to play.

Here are some suggestions:

What Do You Meme

5 Second Rule

Drawing Without Dignity

The Voting Game

Christmas Cookie Swap

This party is a little different from the cookie party because people bring cookies that they’ve already made to the party and everyone swaps their cookies and takes a little of everything home with them.

Margaritas and Mistletoe

This one is my favorite I think. You get together and make margaritas and either watch christmas movies or bake stuff. Either way…with margaritas involved…you’re going to have a good time!

Wrapping PJ’s and Christmas Movies

This is more of a kid friendly thing. We wrap our Christmas pajamas and we wrap a Christmas movie. On Christmas eve, we open our pj’s and the movie and make hot chocolate. Then we sit down in our pj’s and watch the christmas movie!

Christmas Ornament Party

Have everyone bring supplies to make ornaments! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time with my family in lieu of gifts, since our family is so big. I wanted to make “stations” for each ornament and let anyone who wanted to make one join in and then decorate a blank tree either outside or let everyone take them home to put on their own trees. You could even have a gingerbread house station. It would be much more memorable (and let’s face it…a lot cheaper) than just a slew of presents that the kids won’t be able to tell you who got them what on the next day. We used to make ornaments and goodies with my aunt all the time and that’s the Christmases I remember the most.

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