5 Holiday Guidelines to Live By

Surviving the holidays can be hell for some. Anxiety is already up with the basic stressors of the holidays and then you have the added stress of trying to keep up with all the events, gift buying, familial obligations, making sure you don’t miss anything. I’m getting stressed just writing about it. It can definitely drive you mad! These are the guidelines that I live by during the holiday season to keep my sanity in check.

5 Holiday Guidelines to Live By 1

Don’t Compromise Your Mental Wellbeing

Don’t compromise your wellbeing for any holiday function. I can hear you all saying, “But it’s my family. I have to go.” No. You don’t. I stopped going to functions on my mother’s side of the family because it’s always held at my grandmother’s house which is WAYYYY too small for everyone to fit. So it’s super crowded, hot, and chaotic. Essentially, panic attack central…so I’ve pretty much stopped going. If I do go, I stay to say pleasantries and for food and then I’m out. It’s not to be rude or because I don’t like them, it’s just too much at one time. Sensory overload if you will.

Know Your Limits

If you decide not to abstain from holiday events, know your limits. If you start to feel panicked or you feel yourself shutting down. LEAVE. No one is going to hold it against you, and if they do then they probably don’t care about your wellbeing anyways. Don’t let anyone guilt you into staying anywhere you don’t want to.

Don’t Put Yourself in a Financial Bind

Don’t put yourself into debt because you think you HAVE to get people presents. Honestly, that’s not what this time of year is about and I’d honestly just go hang out somewhere with family and friends, or bake christmas cookies with everyone, than to have to stress about who wants what for Christmas.

Don’t Do Something You Don’t Want To

This guideline is a good one for all year round. Not just the holidays. Go ahead and put the word no in your vocabulary. Don’t let anyone pressure you into attending something that you don’t want to. It’ll only cause undue stress on you and then you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. If you don’t want to do something…then don’t. You can ALWAYS say no. It took me a long time to learn that!

Save Some Time For Yourself

Having some “me time” is essential over the holidays! Read a book, play your favorite video game, relax, unwind, chill out. Just carve out some time to destress and relax! If you’re having trouble thinking of some stuff, check out our post on self care ideas!

Stick to these guidelines and you’ll come out of the holiday season as good as you went into it!

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