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October Reviews

We are back in the states and still trying to play catch up! I don’t think my suitcase is unpacked yet! Today we are reviewing the products that we brought on our trip for you guys! We want y’all to be in the know so you can either take our items or skip the headache!

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Devacurl Diffuser

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I love my Devacurl diffuser! It fits on any blow dryer, and that meant that I didn’t have to take up room and extra weight in my suitcase! My niece calls it my Hulk Smash Hand hahaha and it gently scoops up your curls and tries not to disturb them as much as possible therefore reducing frizz!



RFID/Slashproof Crossbody

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Courtney had this one while she was on our trip and I think she liked it pretty well. It seemed like it held up really well while we were traveling. It has locking zippers and it’s slashproof as well as RFID blocking. It was super cute and went with everything that she wore!

Power Banks
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You will DEFINITELY need one of these on your trip! We used it every single day. This one is an instacharge and it comes with 4 power banks and a charging cradle!



Luggage Compression Bags

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This helped so much on our way back home when we had to stuff souvenirs into our suitcases. They gave us a lot of extra room.

Waterproof Electronics Organizer


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This thing came in pretty handy. It kept all my cords and gadgets in one place so I wasn’t digging around for them the whole trip.

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